Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's not my 100th post or whatsoever, it is my 100th day w/ Kenneth Wong We always have one important thing in common; we are crazy about each other :3 Before scrolling down to read the entire post, I shall warn you that it's gonna be a nong nong mushy post ahead. You can choose to exit NOW wtf or else you will be grossed out. No kidding, dude!

In my dreams I'll see you soar above the sky
In my heart there’ll always be a place for you for all my life

Just to let you know that you’re not in this thing alone, there’s always a place in me you can call home. We're always together in no matter what, remember? Whenever you feel like we’re growing apart, let’s just go back, back, back, back, back to the start. We’re so gonna fight for this love, so hard even if we drop dead, so that I’ll make you mine and no one else’s. I love you more every day and nothing will take that love away.

In conjuction of our 100th day, I shall list down 100 reasons why I love you, I'm not kidding lol
  1. Cause I just love you teehee
  2. Cause you love me more than I do heh
  3. Cause you deserve my love and you're worth loving
  4. Cause you need me more than anything else
  5. Cause you will miss me like hell even if we're not seeing each other just for one day
  6. Cause you're committed and put much effort in our relationship
  7. Cause you always wanted the best for me
  8. Cause you like to make fun of my fats
  9. Cause you remember all of our important dates
  10. Cause you made my day, everyday
  11. Cause you never forget to melt my heart
  12. Cause you wore braces before wtf
  13. Cause you look damn nerdy in retainers
  14. Cause you have the brightest and cutest smile ever
  15. Cause you love to camwhore w/ me HAHA
  16. Cause you never fail to plaster a smile across my face :)))))
  17. Cause you're cute, super duper cute ( I can't stand it)
  18. Cause you're adorably dorky and smart
  19. Cause you love to sniff my hair all the time
  20. Cause you have a contagious laughter :D
  21. Cause you would call me every minute to check if I'm doing fine
  22. Cause you would come to college on Fridays just to see me
  23. Cause you enjoy having breakfast and lunch w/ me everyday
  24. Cause you will always feed me with little surprises
  25. Cause you never get along w/ me when it comes to football & Justin Bieber
  26. Cause you always say I LOVE YOU in Tamil -- nan une kadelikire
  27. Cause you never leave me w/o goodbye
  28. Cause you like squeeze my face with your hands so that you can laugh at my ugly face
  29. Cause I'm always your number one no matter what
  30. Cause you always try your best to protect me and be there for me all the time
  31. Cause you know my quirks and you bear with each and every one of them
  32. Cause you eat the cone of my McD Sundae which I severly dislike
  33. Cause you will take the blame even if it's not your fault when we were quarelling
  34. Cause you never take but only give in our give and take policy
  35. Cause you always appreciate me far better than anyone else
  36. Cause you will call me back even though I hang up on you when I'm angry
  37. Cause you're the sweetest creature alive, I mean it ♥
  38. Cause you bear with me having PMS and moodswings once in a while
  39. Cause you would just wrestle w/ me on bed and have endless poke war just for fun
  40. Cause you would warm up my cold hands in icy cold cinema halls
  41. Cause you will call me every night before you sleep but ended up falling asleep first
  42. Cause you won't judge me for the mistakes I've done and the mistakes that I will continue to make
  43. Cause you give me reasons to believe in happy endings
  44. Cause you make the lamest jokes on earth that is not even close to funny
  45. Cause you never stop me from doing the things I like
  46. Cause you like my nails in red, you said they look sexy :p
  47. Cause you are always my umbrella that protect me from rain and sun
  48. Cause you never hate me no matter what unfolds between us
  49. Cause you always keep me falling in love w/ you over and over again
  50. Cause you always have the answer when people ask you why do you love me
  51. Cause you will act childish w/ me no matter how silly it is
  52. Cause you are brave enough to wipe my tears away
  53. Cause you are never too proud to say I'm sorry
  54. Cause you would always satisfy my random cravings
  55. Cause you care to listen to my pointless stories and ranting
  56. Cause you will kiss me before you leave even when my friends or your friends are with us
  57. Cause you know pink Hello Panda is my favourite
  58. Cause you check my twitter and read my blog everyday
  59. Cause you still say I love you even when you're mad at me
  60. Cause you are never ashames to make silly faces in public
  61. Cause you are short of perfect but more than wonderful ♥♥
  62. Cause you think I'm the best thing that ever happened to you
  63. Cause you always text back and will be the last person to end our texting session
  64. Cause you will wait for me after class so that you can see me even it's just for a few minutes
  65. Cause you like to spam my fb's wall
  66. Cause only you know our secret code; bijiubijiubijiubijiu
  67. Cause you would hold me tight and never let go forever
  68. Cause you blend in well with most of my friends and they liked you too (:
  69. Cause you keep all my cheesy art works that I made for you
  70. Cause we could just lay in bed and talk about everything
  71. Cause you nag at me every single day for my own good
  72. Cause you send me a text message every morning after you wake up
  73. Cause you are always honest to me and never afraid to tell me the truth
  74. Cause you would kiss and hug me even when I'm sick
  75. Cause you respect my addiction to blogging/tweeting
  76. Cause you enjoy cooking w/ me and you will finish up all the food that I cooked
  77. Cause you never get bored of my complaints and whinings
  78. Cause you take interest in what I have to blog
  79. Cause you would tag me in your fb's statues and wrote those mushy mushy quotes
  80. Cause you trust me beyond all reason
  81. Cause you will nap w/ me hours before dinner
  82. Cause you don't mind if I'm dressed up or in sweat but still you're happy that you're w/ me
  83. Cause you prefer me w/o makeup and w/ my hair undone
  84. Cause you always make me feel so special and important to you
  85. Cause you never forget every little details I tell you
  86. Cause you get jealous easily which means you care for me, aww silly boy!
  87. Cause you won't feel okay unless I'm okay
  88. Cause you would love me to the end even if I don't love myself sometimes
  89. Cause you wake up earlier than me all the time just to catch the glimpse of me sleeping
  90. Cause you put up w/ my bullshit and make me realize that I need to change for the better
  91. Cause you would be reading this and wondering if I can really write up till the 100th reason and would be laughing at me at the same time ;D
  92. Cause you never let a single soul come near me and hurt me (you're my superhero!)
  93. Cause you get worried easily about me 24/7
  94. Cause you actually like the fact that I'm fat
  95. Cause you could not bear losing me to someone else
  96. Cause you will sing me Justin Bieber's song to sleep even though you hate him a lot
  97. Cause you let me know how to win an arm wrestling so that I can beat you
  98. Cause you never ever lie to me
  99. Cause you know I loved being hug from behind
  100. Cause you are a great boyfriend(!)
Surprisingly, I can finish the whole list for you (: So now you have no excuse to either say that you're not good enough for me or you're a lousy boyf okay? I'm really lucky to have you and I'm looking forward to spend more of my days/months/years w/ you! I hope this is good enough for a surprise ;p

I love you so much in reality and dreams, baby boy. Happy 100th day :)

Love and glitters,
BB xx


❤ wai shen said...

hilda.. i almost teared reading this hehe..
so happy for you both! :)

Allison said...

haha happy 100th day.. sweet :)

U. Ee Xin said...

He's...the perfect boyfriend. You lucky bitch HAHAHAHA no offence. I meant good :>

Reshnu said...

you rock guys are perfect and your post is beautiful!

FiSh said...

i like the fist one with TEEHEE! LOLLL tee hee !

Yin Mun~Moon said...

Happy 100th day :-)

Lisa717 said...

wishing both of you happily ever after ya^^

Shuwen said...

omgg both of you so sweet i'm gonna get diabetes just by reading this LOL

[rin] said...

WOW seriously 100 reasons...
you're good... and you two are lucky to have each other...
all the best for you guys! =) <3

Munn said...

awwww so sweet!!! *bees and ants coming* xD

Зו В๑๑i™ •× said...

awwwwwwww... ur bf is awesome. I'm still not over ur letter one XD

HenRy LeE ® said...

wow.... so many sweet things u mentioned there... if he ever broke up with u do let me know! XD

Ronikenz said...

Aw such lovely couple. Happy 100th girl. (:

LeneLene said...

Aww... so sweet *ants are crawling on my lappie now*
Happy 100th day, and more to come ya! ^^

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

OWwwww...100days!!!! Owwwwww...

SuFang (Careen) said...

so sweet =)

Anonymous said...

so sweet! grats! XD

xiaopei said...

Awww...sweet :) Keep it the sparks on :)


SonnyKazu said...

hope u can live happily ever after... :D

LeaF芳 said...

Have a happy, sweet 100th day~