Thursday, August 19, 2010

More light more ice when I walk in the door,

Harro people! I'm not dead yet :D It's just that I pretty much occupied lately with lectures and practical class so yeah I've got a lot to catch up since everything is just so new. All I've learned this whole week is just bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, more ligaments and bones and more ligaments to come O.O Physiotherapy is seriously not as easy as ABC -__-

Anyways, we (Joeann, Elin and I) finally get to hang out with Belinda and hell we did catch up a lot! She missed us so badly and so do we. Our catching up sessions are always so interesting. Gossiping about the medical faculty and camwhoring are strictly not excluded. Not to forget Zhen Ru and Charan. We should do this more often! How I wish we didn't have such tight schedule sigh and screw the hostel for having curfew as well!

Move on, shall we? Feast your eyes people :D

#1. Spot the two angry zits on my face? ):

#2. Thanks to Elin for the ride (:

#3. JAM JAM JAM, everyday JAM -__- sibeh tulan

#4. Here we are at Bandar Sunway! *jumping for joy*

#5. Yuen's Buffet FTW! You must try to believe it.

You have no idea how long I've been craving for this. I'm so glad that I can finally make it after months of anticipation and fyi this is my second time to Yuen (: Belinda, Kenyee (her boyfriend) and Joeann reached earlier than us. It is advisable to call them up and make a reservation before hand cause it's rare to find three floors of Yuen with empty tables. It will be fullhouse all night long even at 9pm!

#6. The eat all you can buffet @ only RM22++ per person!

#7. Idk what is this call like srsly HAH

#8 Lets start feasting YUMS

#9. From fine fresh seafood to green vegetables

#10. I personally love their fishballs!

#11. Joeann, Belinda, Kenyee, Elin (obviously something is wrong with her eyes LOL) and I

#12. The crowd, starting to fill in slowly

#13. Seeeee, so many people and it's not even 7pm yet :O

Thank God there's aircond there or else I'll be suffocating!

#14. Introducing their famous BBQ CHICKEN and they taste like HEAVEN!

#15. Oh so tender and succulent -- people actually fight to grab these wings!

They will be getting ready with plates on their hands and waited at the table way before the wings are served, yes I'm not kidding. The wings wouldn't last for even 5 minutes on that table. I would recommend people with longer limbs to help you to get those wings HAHA

#16. The aftermathmess wtf


#17. People even queue-d up for the icecreams -__- including me

#18. Elin and I :D

#19. Meet my roomates; Joeann and Elin ;)

#20. The very tall lovebirds I've ever met in my entire life

#21. Sugar rush, I bet

#22. Sad face cause they want more but as for me, my spoon broke wtf HAHA

#23. Finally, my tummy is full and happy (:

#24. Time to hit some minions on Belinda's Iphone lol

#25. So don't forget to drop by Yuen cause I'm one satisfied customer and I'm recommending it to you! It's even available on Goggle Map, DON'T PLAY PLAY!

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Next stop; Shisha @ Caffeine, Jalan Ampang!

#26. The very chio looking table :O

#27. The menu; ordered drinks only since we had such heavy dinner

#28. It's been a while since I last shisha-ed, prolly months ago?

#29. That's Zhen Ru and Charan in yellow on the right, another love birds (:

#30. The flash is killing her HAHA

#31. Four bottles of Calsberg @ RM36

#32. I love this shot cause I was the one who took this. Retro, no?

#33. My 7-up @ RM7

#34. I don't drink ;p *can you see the halo on my head?*

#35. With a huff and a puff, I was getting a little woozy alrdy lol

But I must say that the shisha here tastes so much better than those at the mamak stalls and I can feel the effect right after a while. Btw, I'm trying a new flavour that night, mixture of orange and mint while Belinda and Kenyee tried a mixture of peach and mint. I forgot what Zhen Ru and Charan had.

#36. Zhen Ru had warm milk HAHAH with shisha (what a combination)

#37. Kenyee's turn to be killed by the flash LOL

#38. The view of KLCC from our place :O

#39. This is how a pro smokes shisha, SO NOT wtf

#40. Last shot before going home

It's actually a double storey house but it was renovated into a cool looking cafe. The whole cafe is painted white and the interior is amazing. I love the environment a lot, too bad it's raining that night. Caffeine is located just opposite RafflesInternational College Kuala Lumpur Malaysia @ Lorong Damai in Jalan Ampang. You guys should give it a try :D

Anyways, it was a well spend Saturday night with them and I am seriously looking forward to more catching up sessions! Fun, as usual ♥



~J'@nn~ said...

so chor lo, tamjiak until you broke ur spoon...wakakaka!!

SiMon Har said...

ken yee looks funny in pic 11!

JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =). Smiles

27lilian said...

The lovebirds look SO ALIKE! HAHAHA! :P

You always post food posts wan :(( next time I'm coming in with a heavy stomach!!

ken said...

so long didnt eat steamboat edy.. haha.. must find gang soon..

never tried sisha before.. =P

TOLANIC said...

After shisha, did you feel like floating? =)

M-Knight said...

I like the looks of u and Joeanney at pic 22 very funny...haven't had steamboat for a long time too...

Ronnie said...

Big eater ya !! time i belanja u two more icecream lah... dun be gloomy and tham jiak ya !!
Gelojoh betul !

Lukey Cher Hong said...

i'm wondering... is shisha healthy?

Jan said...


TOLANIC said...

That’s why. I don’t like buffet because I know I cannot try them all. =)

Effi said...

Great post(:
I'll follow your blogif you'll follow mine:

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Wonder how does shisha taste like :) Lols you broke your spoon wth! Hahaha! Never try Yuen, I went to the restaurant the other side :)

geNe said...

i vomitted once after shisha. lolx