Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old McDonalds had a farm

This was a week ago after Joeann, Alvin and I watched Piranha at Midvalley, since our movie starts at 7.30pm we decided to have our dinner after the movie. Thank God, we were still able to nomz on our food and forget everything about the gross scenes in the movie LOL

Before the movie started, we walked around and tried to make a decision on what to eat for dinner. Until I saw this,

RM16.95++ for dinner with beverage, multiple choices to choose for main course, soup and dessert, so why not?

After the movie, the three of us headed straight to The Spaghetti Farm which is at the lower ground cause we're hungry alrdy. I went up to the counter and started searching for the promotion but I saw none. So I asked the cashier and even showed her the brochure but apparently I was in the wrong restaurant FML cause the promotion is for Spaghetti Grill which is located at Ground Floor. OMG, I SWEAR I COULD DIG A HOLE AND BURY MY HEAD IN IT! I just humiliated myself in public!

So it is Spaghetti Grill but I never saw this restaurant before, even at ground floor. There was no address written as well on the brochure. All I remembered was The Spaghetti Farm so I die die also thought that it would be Spaghetti Farm since both has the word Spaghetti written on it. I shall blame myself for not reading the brochure properly at first.

Okay, enough of this embarrassing shitz. Let's move on to our dinner, shall we? :D

Little do we know that actually, The Spaghetti Farm offers better deals :D It has value meal where we can choose any pasta with the original price and add a soup & soft drinks for only RM3.20! Worth it or not, you tell me.

Large bottle of cheese and chili powder :O

The clean and simple interior of The Spaghetti Farm

Very cool looking chalkboard

Soup of the day; very creamy Mushroom soup (:

Joeann's Meatball Spaghetti @ RM11.80

Alvin's Chicken Bolognese @ RM8.80

My Beef Bolognese @ RM8.80

The portion is just nice; not too little and not too much.
Fulfilling enough for me :D

Ze aftermath *burp*

Oh hey, Elin was there too :D She joined us later cause she was watching Step Up 3 with my other two coursemates teehee

The second good thing about The Spaghetti Farm is they don't charge you for service charge or even government tax! How nice! So that's the reason I took a photo of the receipt as an evidence LOL So the total of my value meal is only RM12 thus I'm a happy child with a full tummy :D

The four NO's in The Spaghetti Farm -- No Transfat, No MSG, No artifical colouring and NO preservaties. I kid you not, it's true! They should add another two NO's -- No service charge and no government tax HAHAH LMAO

Last but not least, feel free to visit The Spaghetti Farm at Lot LG-049 & 050, Lower Ground Floor. Telephone number: 03-2287 1798.

I must say that it deserves a second visit from me next time xx


jfook said...

Huh? My friend told me it's not nice, so I never been there. LOL. Mmm..Should try next time.

HenRy LeE ® said...

yummy! must try this next time! still thinking to go pasta zanmai or not... hmmm~

~J'@nn~ said...

now you made me crave for meatballs :(

Jaerragus said...

That's cheap... do they have other outlets nearer to erm...Klang ar??

Jessy said...

never know there's such shop in mv, farm/grill. Haha!

k~^|n said...

wow...i should go and try it when i back there..haha

Nana Lana said...

I hv always wanted to try but my dates were always worried that the portion is not BIG enough! LOL

27lilian said...

Sigh sigh sigh...I'm hungry now :(((((((((((((

Lukey Cher Hong said...

ehh what happen to the piranha movie? was it nice? :p

J2Kfm said...

Spaghetti Grill is on the outside, if I'm not mistaken it's on the same side as Delicious. Spaghetti Grill's definitely better as they're of the same management as Chili's. But smaller portions and cheaper.

Ilidina.. said...

will try it..=)

CzChooi said...

wow.. im hungrrrryyy!!!

Susan said...

spaghetti farm???? eww... it tasted sucks!!! been there..and the spaghetti is totally out.. i would prefer going to pasta zanmai...

Casendra said...

hahaha I tot another place to visit :P