Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just the two of us

I know I haven't been updating much for a week or so? But I promise I will be back soon! Hold on there, cyberworld (: With the massive workloads in Uni, I wish I could sink into my floor or evaporate into the air. I could really use a long break right now! In my dreams, I supposed. Enough of never ending babbling, let's see what do we have here today!

This is another delayed post, IKR I'm no longer an efficient blogger. Shame on me T__T

This was last two Fridays, when the boyf brings me out for a date on Friday night :D Whoop whoop like once in a million years finally! (I wasn't seeing him the whole week that week so yeah)

We decided to watch Alpha and Omega @ The Curve and we made it just minutes before the movie started lol I saw the trailer once and I was not that fond at first but since there's no other movies to watch that time, so why not?

It's just not too bad, certainly with voice cast that includes famous people like Justin Long and Hayden Panettiere and Christina Ricci as well. The twitter bird was featured in this cartoon too like lots of them :P falling down from the sky with their eyes spinning HAHA cute max! Still, it's not as awesome as Despicable Me. Yes, I'm bias. So what?

This is Kate from the Alpha pack (:

Kate and Humphrey have known each other since puppyhood ~

Watch the trailer if you haven't!

And that was the last movie I've watched since then ): There are so many other movies that I wanna watch recently but time restricts me so yeah sad case

After the movie, I suggested to try Waroeng Penyet cause I've never tried Ayam Penyet before in my whole entire life. I'm not kidding! Thanks to Waishen who once repetitively mentioned about how heavenly it tastes but it turned out that I went to the wrong restaurant LOL It should be Ayam Penyet AP that KY Speaks blogged about! But he did blogged about Waroeng Penyet as well :P Fyi, ayam penyet originates from Indonesia.

Without thinking twice, I dragged the boyf and had my late dinner there. Let's dig in!

We got our number after ordering at the counter, found a decent place at the corner and waited patiently for our food to come *tummy grumbling*

TADAA, this is my ayam penyet which actually means flattened fried chicken!

I like that crispy brown thingy on top of my chicken but I have no idea what it is :P

Crispy chicken skin and juicy meat tastes perfectly delicious with the sambal but it was too spicy for me *flaming tongue*

and you can get this Ayam penyet for only RM7.90!

The boyf with his grilled chicken (:

His grilled chicken costs RM7.90 as well!

The waroeng was still filled with sea of people although it was alrdy 9pm at night :O

We finished everything except for the greens teehee*BURP*

There is even a plasma tv on the wall playing Indonesian Karaoke songs LOL


This outlet of Waroeng Penyet is huge. Wait, is that guy in the blue shirt near the window picking his nose? HAHAHA

Total damaged of the day was less than RM25 and it was fulfilling for not so monster eater like me (: Anyways, this Waroeng Penyet is located just opposite Subway and KimGary near Old Town White Coffee and it's the only outlet in Msia.

First Floor, Lot 1.32
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 017-200 3988

After the dinner, we strolled around the Curve to enhance better digestion of the stomach wtf satisfy my need of window shopping (shall get the pink tank top from MNG that' I've been eyeing for so long) before heading back home. (:

Pretty lights that always catch my attention at "The Street" of The Curve

Till then, I'll be back to resurrect my almost dead blog as soon as possible. I've got to finish my research paper and hand it up by this Friday. Oh and btw, it's time to do some changes to my blog too, don't you think? I need your ideas! In the meantime, feel free to follow my twitter; cause I'm more active there compared to my blog or fb HAH

I know you'll miss me xoxo


Jessy said...

change ur layout=)

❤ wai shen said...

HAHA! The sambal was spicy alright, my tongue always get numb. Plus diarrhoea at night lol! I also like the crispy stuff at the top but have no idea what is it. Oh, and in Ayam Penyet AP, it is called smashed chicken. Ok, I better stop typing. :p And I think minor changes to your blog will do. :)

SonnyKazu said...

drooling for foods! xD

Roza said...

yumm they're so gooodd i'm craving for it noww :(
but did you like it??? :D

HenRy LeE ® said...

i miss ayam penyet and the twitter birds in A&O are cute! :D

jfook said...

I first had ayam penyet at Lucky Plaza Sg. Awesome.

Chuen said...

ohhh..ayam penyet. nice a? :)

nur said...

ayam penyet= nice


Calvin Ong said...


Teh Tarik Drinker said...

hahah me and ave wanted to watch that! :D

Philip Esmaquel said...

an hollywood film?

SIM YEE said...

is ayam penyet delicious?

Blur Pei said...

seems nice food & happy day u had =)

CzChooi said...

ayam penyet looksssssss wow!

Celeste said...

Pretty lighting at The Curve ^^

Jan said...

I love Ayam Penyet but its just so unhealthy and I can't wait till Alpha and Omega is screened in SG!