Sunday, March 20, 2011


My blog is slowly turning into a foodie blog with all the overloaded food posts lately. Life is short and eating is a way of enjoying life! Yet there is one consequence that I need to bear; an extra spare tyre (if you get what I mean)

So this was 2 weeks ago when the boyf and I went to Empire Shopping Gallery for the first time for the sake of macaroons. I've been nagging at him about the macaroons for like forever :P

After strolling around, we settled in Lammeeya for lunch cause the boyf was craving for Lam Mee.

#1. The original Lam Mee
#2. My order; Chicken Hor Fun (cause I don't really like Lam Mee)
#3. Fried dumplings & bean curd skin (fu chuk)
#4. The heavenly Royal Milk Tea!
#5. Total damage of RM30 for two (which I find reasonable for a decent lunch)

Non Halal Restaurant
Empire Shopping Gallery LG31 
Also available @ Damansara Uptown & One Utama
More details: Here or here!

Before lunch, we were strolling around, trying to find Whisk yet ended up going a few floors up to explore the whole Empire. I was thrilled to find that they have Charles and Keith YAY and even Coach!

#6. && he got me a gift for our anniversary in advance <3

This post wouldn't be complete w/o a photo of us camwhoring in the car, thanks to the swivel camera of my baby G12! Every second spent with you is a second I wouldn't want to trade for anything in this world ♡

On a sidenote, I got my Wildfire a new cover last Monday. It's a HOT HOT HOT neon pink baby now :D

Still hunting for a yellow and green one, till then my collection would be complete!

It's another brand new week, a week that I'm totally not looking forward. CR assignment dues on the following Monday so it's gonna cause me more sleep deprivation and increase in thickness of my eyebags this week. My determination’s low on radar already, sooner or later it will burn out. I might be on hiatus, putting my blog on hold till the assignment is done. Once it's handed in, the princess demands to be pampered, and you (whom you know who you are) should know what to do LOL *winks*



jfook said...

Eh seriously I enjoy seeing the camwhore photos of you and Kenneth. =) This is the thing which your blog stands out from the others.

Eh.. lolol

Isaac Tan said...

waahahha, makan finish also show how clean the plate is! COol! XD

Small Kucing said...

Love the looks of the Hor Fun. And Happy Anniversary to the two of you :D

domokun said...

ur camwhore with ur bf envies me a lot.LOL sweet.n makes me wanna get a their serai restaurant in empire mall also nais^^

Calvin Ong said...

the first photo is so nice!
how did you achieve that effect? NICE!

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

I like the 1st photo max! But you and your bf photos like max max max! so sweeeetttt =) i think rm30 is reasonable, wanna go try someday..

SIM YEE said...

Totally agree with jfook! Your camwhore pic with ur bf is priceless!!

crazywrazy said...

*thumbsup* for your camwhoring skills! LOL

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

I love the purse! How much is it? :)

Kian Fai said...

lam meeeeeeeeeeee :)

I wonder what else inside empire subang XD

Joanne Lai said...

You got your phone cover!! I am dying looking for mine T__T I need a hard case for my htc aria.

dori_lukey said...

I love the prawns

Allison said...

I love the first bokeh pic of you camwhoring! nice. And the wallet too.. Nice wallet :)

Mich said...

i don't know why, i love reading your blog =) u're enjoying life so much and it's nice =D

Nava.K said...

My choice will also be the Lam Mee, like the thick gravy. I was at Empire last week but tried the food at Nyonya colors.

XCB said...

omg ur bf is soooo sweet ~!

Jean said...

no wonder i see c&k behind your dumpling shot

have a nice day! =)

HenRy LeE ® said...

selamat menyambut ulang tahun! :D

Anonymous said...

Eating yummy stuff is a guilty but delicious pleasure

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

SHOOOOOO damn sweeet! :D