Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ming Kee Bak Kut Teh

Note: This post is strictly non-halal.

I was craving for BKT so badly that I suggested BKT for dinner instead of Murni on last Tuesday night. We made our way to PJ Old Town but ended up lost after taking a wrong exit at the roundabout LOL After half an hour, we managed to find the place! FYI, it wasn't our first time eating there, Belinda brought us there once last year. The biggest difference at this restaurant is the way the BKT is served, their BKT is served in the old school bowls instead of claypot.

#1. Meat Bone Tea is love YUMS

#2. Garlic and spicy cili potong is a must for BKT!

#3. My date of the night: Joeann and Elin (:

#4. The service was fast! BKT came mins after ordering.

#5. Three layered pork with teow chew style BKT soup

#6. Extra soups; it tasted so good that the two had to order extra rice :P

#7. Yau mak with oyster sauce

#8. Side orders; Taufu pok(It tasted weird)
#9. It was almost 9pm yet the place was still packed with people.
#10. Captured this using the fish eye mode :P

We just can't stop sipping the soup, we even asked for refill! It would be perfect if they have dry based  BKT. From most of the reviews that I've read, we actually missed one of their famous dish: braised mushroom. Overall, the dinner costs us around RM 12 (including drinks) per person, pretty much what you’d expect from a decent and satisfying BKT meal. There's another BKT restaurant nearby call Heng Kee BKT (not sure if they are related), which was as good as Ming Kee BKT. Probably should try Heng Kee on our next visit (;

So, BKT lovers, feel free to make your way to Ming Kee with the directions below!

Meng Kee BKT is located opposite Public Bank at PJ Old Town

Address: Meng Kee Bak Kut Teh Jalan Pasar 1/21 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.086565,101.646044
Tel: 017-291 1745

Happy Bee Kay Tee-ing :D



欣苓 said...

BKT nice !haha !delicious right? haha i usually go to klang with my family for BKT and another one at Jalan Sentul also not bad !so famous one :D

Jux da BoY said...

I wouuuunnnnnnnn wwwweeeeeyyyy
I need BAK KUT!!!! Cafe din sell >< LOL Hilda.. ur blog always torture my stomach == Hate you HAHAHA

Jessy said...

I know u left a warning don't click... Now i wannan killl u! Hungarrryyy ahhh!

Nikel Khor said...

feel that i am long time din eat BKT edy.. maybe scare out of cholesterol

Isaac Tan said...

I will never turn down an offer to makan bah kut teh. Wahahaha. Fav food!

HenRy LeE ® said...

if ur blog is a house, I'm gonna burn it right now! :(
btw, the bkt place seems clean... must go n try it out but i don't know where is jalan pasar... omgeeee~

Cathy Ng said...

ur blog made me really hungryyyy!

Joanne Lai said...

I've tried several bakuteh in KL before but I still prefer the local's bakuteh, I mean in Sabah ^_^

wondering how's the taste of Ming Kee :D

Nava.K said...

Been here before, love the bak kut teh although am aware how sinful it can be. nothing great about the surrounding but taste is wonderful.

jfook said...

HAHA I like three layer porkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Jolyn said...

*drooling at the BKT now*

Small Kucing said...

you dont like to have the intestine and stomach?

Have you tried Yut Kee BKT at Sunway. Opposite Metropolitant college. Sedap