Friday, April 8, 2011

Monday night out with the lovelies ❤

Finally the quartet reunites again for dinner after a really last minute plan, it's been a while (: Belinda picked us up around 6pm and off we go to The Curve!

#1. Sheepbit tagged along too teehee

#2. Spotted the Bieber hair outside of E@curve

#3. Guess where were we? :D Btw, what was I looking at?

#4. Elin (we miss you loads!!) & Joeann ❤

So we were dining at Manhattan Fish Market cause they were having this promotion & we missed it on the 1st of April; THE LOWEST PRICED FISH & CHIP IN MSIA FOR ONLY RM6.99! & that's not all, there will be 30% off for starters and 50% off for salads!! Besides, for add ons which comprises of a soup and drink normally cost RM9.90 but for this promo, the two add on cost a total of RM7.

#5. Chose mushroom soup over clam chowder. Super creamy, I like!

#6. Fried Calamaries for starters.

#7. Here comes the Fish and Chips!

The dinner was okay and satisfying (my tummy was very happy), just that I don't get it why they served the hot soup in a polystrene bowl and the F&C on paper plate O_O && the portion might be a tad small for those big eaters but I guess that's what you get for discounted stuffs :P The total damage of the night was around RM17.50 per person including tax. Srsly tell me, where to get such promo?! I still think it's quite reasonable.

#8. Did you get to catch this promo as well?

#9. My fave trios (:

#10. As usual, Elin demands for Tutti Frutti for dessert, she can never get enough of it! HAHA

#11. Group photo and where was I looking at again pfffft Ijusthavetoruinthisphoto! D:

P/S: Still having exams atm T__T One down, one more to go!



toninkush said...

doesnt look filling to me lol

jfook said...

Just had it. Super

~Joeanney~ said...

i haven shower sheepbit yet, can i bring her to sieyii's house to take shower? haha!

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

I'm craving for all that right now!

Small Kucing said...

wow! lucky you. Managed to get the rm6-99 deal

Kahmon said...

When is the promotion til?? Hoping to have it last week but failed. ><"

SiMon Har said...

yer... i wan the fish & chips!

domokun said...

shittt>< today last day and i now only know lah T.T

SIM YEE said...

i just tried it today. the fish is not fishy at all. very fresh and crispy!

Baboon Tan said...

oh gosh! I didn't have time to go and try it even I know about it! :)

Isaac Tan said...

Nice leh. And you seem to be having so much fun with your friends. Gteat!