Monday, April 18, 2011

Too much fun & laugh

#1. Lunch at the Garden Lifestyle Store and Café, Midvalley (F-001 First Floor)

#2. Bits & pieces of the cafe

#3. White furniture, pretty flowers & everything nice ♥

#4. My dates of the day and another 3 who were late :P

#5. Sie Yii & I(:

#6. Jie Yi (Left) & Joeann (Right)
All set lunch comes with salad, soup of the day, one main course and your choice of drinks either Ice Lemon Tea or Coffee. Price ranging from RM15.90 to RM18.90, pretty reasonable I would say.
#7. Salad as appetizer.
#8. Soup of the day was served cold, meh :/

#9. Spaghetti Carbonara with beef bacon; so creamy I wanna die (Y)(Y)

#10. Paprik Chicken; Quite spicy and the long bean sambal tasted cold & weird :S

#11. Spaghetti Marinara; sort of tasteless like something is missing *thumbs down*
#12. Ice Lemon Tea (thick and sweet, I like) with a pretty flower spoon! :D

#13. Joeann, Kew, Jie Yi, Amy, Wee Nie & Sie Yii (clockwise)

#14. Group photo! :D 

15. Now it's dessert time YUMS and this time it's on Kew ;)

#16. Haagen Dazs Chocolate Fondue is <3<3
#17. Served with 14 scoops of 4 different flavours icecream, fruits (strawberries, green apples & banana), cookies, sponge cakes and crushed peanuts for toppings.

#18. Last group photo :DD

#19. Watched Source Code before heading back! A good yet sad movie ;(

Life is a great bundle of little things; a special bond that connect only us, stupid jokes, excessive camwhoring, awesome companions, high calories intake, sweet tooth & a mindblowing movie. This was last Thursday when we had our last outing @ Midvalley before leaving in our own separate ways for clinical placement, will be seeing them only in July. I miss them already.

P/S: I'm currently being all drained in and out. Couldn't. Be. Bothered. To. Update. My. Blog. Properly. I NEED SLEEP & I'M MISSING HIM REAL BAD.



y--square said...

Har? Why no description for food geh? I was wonderering whats the choco plate in Haagen-daaz~

Victor Tan said...

I long time never been to Midvalley edi. lols

Isaac Tan said...

More beautiful pictures with beautiful people! Nice Hilda! :)

My eXperiences -

• Stephanie • said...

woots,Haagen dazs! XD btw,the pics are beautiful ;)

Nava.K said...

Gardem Cafe is a lovely price with reasonably priced food, nice decor with the plenty flowers.

jfook said...

when Hilda gonna belanja me hahaha.

kuromeowiie said...

always stalk for food post when im starved==
i wanna eat all of em~~

crazywrazy said...

good photography about the ambience and the food, was expecting you to include the price as well as to equip me whether I should dine in there onot XD

Queennie said...

I wanna hang out with my friends too la :(

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

I tried Gardens once in e@curve, really like that place! Choco fondue *drool*

BernardGT said...

Aiyo...Source Code....

Small Kucing said...

wa...really walloped everything wor