Saturday, July 16, 2011

An envelope in an envelope

You've got mail!

I've finally received the mail that I've been anticipating over the last weekends. Thanks Mr. Postman :D Pos express was rather effective this time, arrived a day after it was posted.

Guess what comes in the mail? Wait for it....

I love the fact that it's so nicely wrapped, in double layer somemore! && with my name written on it. You can tell that the dealer is such a coordinated person (Y) So, any idea yet? Here's a sneak peek for you :P

Tadaaaa! An envelope clutch, that I've been wanting for so long ♥ So that's how my post title comes about, an envelope clutch in the pos express envelope LOL It was smaller than I thought it was, but it can still fit an A4 sized paper.

If you're an avid fan of or tumblr, you must have stumbled upon this envelope clutch that comes in so many shades. I chose vintage oak brown so that it's easier to match my clothes.
Image courtesy of LOOKBOOK.NU

It comes with detachable long and short sling strip (:

... and it has this magnetic button snap closure.

Loving the detailed stitches and cutting. 

It's of PU leather with soft leather lining inside (: 

There's a compartment at the back. 

Back view of the clutch

I've been searching online for quite some time for this bag and finally found it in Chic Chick from Shopping Roll. I can totally assure you that Chic Chick offers the lowest price online, for only RM25 (omg such a steal!) exluding postage. I even saw blogshops that sells envelope clutches ranging from RM30 to RM45 and even RM52 w/o postage, that's like double the price I got for mine :O

I missed the second preorder, email-ed the dealer but luck wasn't on my luck that time. They wont be receiving any order yet they are kind enough to give me a glimmer of hope that they did order few pieces extra for certain colours, so I may still get it in few weeks time. Since there were no news from them after 3 weeks, I have to urge to email them again to see if the stocks have arrived. Waited for a few days and they finally replied! :D At first it seems like I have to wait for the next pre order session but since they had extra pieces for the colour I wanted, they reserved one for me and few days later, it safely arrived at my doorstep *mad happy* Oh they even send you your package tracking number and made it in a list in their blogshop. How nice of them! It was such a pleasant experience to shop with them (:

So hurry up and place your order if you want to get yourself an envelope clutch too, tomorrow's the dateline for the 3rd pre order session! Or feel free to visit their site; CHIC CHICK, they have loads of pretty awesome stuff as well.

Happy shopping and happy weekends <3



SuFang (Careen) said...

Omg this is soooo cute! I wanna get one for myself too :D

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

OOOOo nice nice :D

XCB said...

i love it!!! n rm25 is sooooo cheap

SiMon Har said...

i love leather stuff ^_^ but it's a handbag ~_~

Chuen said...

Haha! I bought the same envelop clutch frm the same shop too! But in diff colours. hehe

~Joeanney~ said...

so nice they write ur name, in an artistic way sumore, haha!!

JessicaChaw said...

The bag looks very vintage and it's so cheap wtf!

Small Kucing said... leh...and very good quality from the look of it

Jamie Wong said...

online shopping is love

Isaac Tan said...

wah, so business lady like nowadays XD

kuromeowiie said...

so cheap wheyyyyyy!want to get 1 for myself ady<3 said...

wah! really cheap loh!
last week i went a night market, saw a shop oso selling this bag! i saw the pink color 1!
nearly the price u bought loh!
hahahaha... u zhap dou bou lah!

HenRy LeE ® said...

wahhh manyak cantik oh this envelope clutch... i like the kaler :D

Camy said...

it looks so nice!!!!!

domokun said...

haha joey and i were just talking abt ur envelopee>< look so good><

♥snoopy♥ said...

the bag is realllly nice and worth the price!! :O

Aimee Pua said... sells this :)