Friday, July 29, 2011

The Wheels Disco Roller Skating

There's always a first time for everything and as for me, I had my very first roller skating experience yesterday. It all started with a random tweet by Joe Ann months ago, never knew that Vince was interested as well so we decided to try out and all thanks to HAHAH deals for making it possible! RM1O for the whole day instead of RM25 (Normal price).

Located at lot S4.01, Subang Avenue Shopping Mall in Subang Jaya (beside Carrefour Subang & Subang Parade). Open daily from 10am - 10pm. Services provided are free rental of roller skates and roller blades, locker rental at RM2 and socks for sale at RM3. It's advisable to bring your own one. Light food and beverages are also available. Accessible by KTM.

#1. The main entrance.

#2. The ticket which you have to return upon exit.

#3. The price list.
For the first visit, you will be charged with normal price but with free membership. So the second visit, you will be charged as a member. To be a VIP, all you have to do is to pay RM100 annually (:

#4. Counter to collect your roller skates, they have roller blades as well, from size 3 up to size 11!

#5. My size 5 roller skates :D
Joeann and I started off with roller skates while Vince chose blades but we ended up switching to blades (Yes, switching is allowed) cause roller skates seems to be tougher to skate with and I did realize that most people on the rink used blades instead of roller skates. So blades it is then!

#6. All set and we're ready to roll! 

First, I have to learn how to stand and balance myself on those wheels. It sure ain't easy I tell you. As a total noob in roller skating and a person who has fear of falling, the last thing I would want to do is to fall on my clumsy ass and of course I did fall couple of times and OUCH it really hurts!  So I was basically holding on to the rail at the side of the rink, sliding from one rail to another the whole time. It sure feel discouraged at first to see people skating like a pro while as for me, trying to balance and skate yet keep falling down so many times like nobody business at one corner #emomax I was fully drenched in sweat during the first hour even though the place is air-conditioned, now you can imagine how determined and nervous am I heh but I gotta thanks Vince for being so patient and helpful in teaching how to skate.

#7. See I can stand on rollerblades without holding onto anything! #showoff

The Wheels Roller Skating Rink is the largest roller skating rink in Malaysia measuring 16,000 square feet with a fun disco concept and loud blasting musics (#turnon) that keeps your adrenaline pumping!  The first thing that came to my mind when I think of disco concept skating ring was the song Public Affair by Jessica Simpson; so catchy and funky! There's also a DJ counter, huge projector as well as a dancing stage are also available for skaters.

It took me around 2 hours to get into the groove and finally skate with minimal support from the rail :P No pain no gain! Once I got the momentum, it was really addictive to skate rounds after rounds on the skating rink and singing along with the music! Little did we know that we spent 4 hours there, how we wished we could stay even longer since we paid for the whole day T_T

#8. Must have group photo; Joeann, I and Vince! 

Vince left really early since he had an appointment, so it's only me and Joeann left in the end. Neither of us wanted to leave that place. It was really really really fun minus the falling down part and the bruises we brought back home along with us :P  Apparently, our whole body is aching after the four hours of brutal roller skating but still it was worth the fun and experience. I can now skate yaw, probably better after a few more practice 8)

Video of me trying to roller blade; #cheat cause I was holding on to the rail HEH

Here's another short video of my first few baby steps in rollerblading; check it out :P Don't worry, you dont get to see my fall in the video HAHA

In case, you can't hear clearly what I said or maybe you could only hear the word wheels, I actually said I can  walk on wheels :P All videos are recorded by Joe Ann.

#9. Joeann and I (: 

So who's up for the next roller skating sesh?! I'm totally going back there again.



jfook said...

so funnnnn!!!

Camy said...

i used to skate alot till phobia =X

~Joeanney~ said...

i actually did started the tweet?? haha!! can't remember

Norlina Rabiah said...

Wah! Best!!!! lak embak g okeh. hihi

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Ahhhh quickly set another date we go! This time full-day there, I push all my appointments! :P

Isaac Tan said...

Nice! and 4 hours flew past so fast hor. Glad to see you can skate in the end! :)

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Looks super fun!! HAHA! Yeah, I thought of the song public affair by Jessica Simpson as well when I saw the pics :P

domokun said...

waa..never heard of this b4.i only know the skating ring in sunway pyramid lol but this one sounds more fun!!><

Kahmon said...

Fuiyohhh~ damn fun. That's the one Vvens went for it right?? Where is the place again??

Aiks... Vince with you girls aww. Hello, long time no see.

Kian Fai said...

3 of you go paktoh so sweet :P jk jk

jennifer said...

looks cool!!are you able to handle the skating skill after all??hehe

Stephanie Ee said...

Eeeeeee....I want go!!!

It has been 15 yrs since I skate. Totally lost memory on how to skate again... lol

Nana Eddy said...

I wanted to go there too, but never found the gang to go~~ If I knew u were going, I would've invited myself to join u!! lols~~

Shuwen said...

this place looks damn cool ! HAHA like laser tag grounds XD

Jessy said...

So syok, tak ajak!!! Btw seems as tho u all book the entire place to urself, haha!

CleverMunkey ® said...

huahhhh VIP hor... haha... been there before and almost banged someone cause its too dark! XD

Liki said...

I wanna try !