Monday, August 15, 2011

Gong Fu Kitchen

Thanks to Iris, I had the chance to attend a food review @ Gong Fu Kitchen with 7 other fellow bloggers last Friday night (: It was my first visit toGongFu kitchen, the restaurant was easy to find due to the bright red eye catching exterior.

Welcome to Gong Fu Kitchen! *inserts Kungfu fighting song*

Customers may opt to dine indoors or outdoors.

The menu.
Now a brief introduction of Gong Fu Kitchen;
"Welcome to GONG FU Kitchen, where memorable culinary experience awaits you!

The name, GONG FU, is not only inspired by the spirits of Kung Fu martial art, but it also embrace the rich heritage of culinary secrets passed on from many generations in China.

We invite you to enjoy the signature delicacies specially crafted by our Chefs, such as the double boiled soups, cheong fun, clay pot rice, congee and dumplings - traditional cuisines preserved over a thousand years.

Each dish is prepared by our highly-skilled chefs using top quality ingredients with no MSG to ensure the authenticity in taste and emphasize on the art of cultivating good health naturally.

At GONG FU Kitchen, we are the master of longevity." — GongFu Kitchen Fb Page

They even have their own tissue packaging (Y)

Their open kitchen.

They provide clean and comfortable ambiance equipped with chinese themed paintings and furniture used in those olden days.

Look at the cool door knob, so chinese-y looking! 
Once we were seated, the food are served immediately dish after dish. Most of the dishes we had that night are chef's recommendations and little did I know that their chef was from Guang Zhou.

Light, clear and refreshing, partly because there is no MSG added into this soup. The other soup served that night was Ginseng Black Chicken Double-boiled Soup.

The lamb that comes in bite-size is well marinated and braised, a tad spicy. The meat was tender, savoury and goes well with the noodles. A thumb up for this dish! 

The highlight of this dish would be the juicy wonton stuffed with fresh prawns and meat, served with noodles and clear soup.   

I like the strong smell of the shrimps that blends in well with the mui choy and mince meat, definitely best eaten when it's served hot. 

Steamy rice topped with three different chinese sausages and vegetables, mixed it well before you eat.

Most of us would normally have prawn or char siew cheong fun but this is definitely something different. Egg cheong fun is served with plain cheong fun and vegetables. Sweet and succulent, tastes nice to my liking. 

Next would be Fried Fritters Cheong Fun that I don't think you can get it anywhere else. Crispy fried fritters wrapped with plain cheong fun, definitely something different. As weird as it seems, it turns to be quite fantastic.    

It tastes like any ordinary milk cabbage (:

This congee is served with century egg and generous amount of tender lean pork meat. I love the texture of the congee, not too watery nor too sticky.  Without additives, it's still delectable and enough to fill my tummy. 

One of my fave, I had two of these! Pan Fried Dumplings, crispy on the outside yet hot and juicy in the inside. The dumplings are filled with prawns, meat and vegetables, best eaten with the ginger slices dipped in soya sauce. I would definitely come back for this! 

Topped with pieces of fried fritters, peanuts and spring onions. It has a lot of ingredients in it including squids, pork belly, fish that makes the congee flavourful without the need of additives.

It was indeed a delightful experience dining at Gong Fu Kitchen, a place that is suitable for all ages to have gathering or family dinner. Gong Fu Kitchen emphasizes on healthy and authenticity in taste of food, therefore there is no MSG added in their cookings. Craving for tasty Cantonese Cuisine with affordable price, you know where to go cause Gong Fu Kitchen has much more to offer!

Group photo after the satisfying dinner.
(Back row) L-R: Tony, Benjamin, Ken Wooi and Kian Fai
L-R: Iris, Qian Qian, Kah Mon, and I. 

Gong Fu Kitchen
22A-G, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Phone: 03 - 61506690
Hours: Mon - Sun (10:00 am-10:00 pm)



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i went there for lunch and the restaurant got some stinky smell which i duno wat it is, and there's not many ppl dine even on lunch time and they took about 30mins to get the food prepare and I had the Three Fortune Chinese Sausage Rice, it's so salty.. too bad that me n my colleagus had the worst experience ever here

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Gong Fu Kitchen said...

Wah! so many nice and yummy photos here. Thanks for giving Gong Fu Kitchen such a great feedback :)