Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nasi Daun Pisang

I had quite a lot of first-time experiences last week; roller skating and make over, so last Sunday I had another first time experience, guess what it is? Hell yes, banana leaf rice for lunch! Born and bred in Sarawak, I never get to taste Indian cuisine until I further my studies in KL. So my sister and her bf decided to bring me to try out the banana leaf rice they usually have and the lunch was all on him!

#1. Interior of the restaurant; clean and comfy with air conditioners equipped.

#2. The see-through kitchen; where the drinks are made. 

#3. Banana leaf is a must have or else it won't be called as banana leaf rice right? :P

The main dishes we had;

#4. Mutton Curry - this is definitely one of the best!

#5. Chicken 65, why is it named chicken 65? Here. Loving this as well (Y) 

#6. Chicken varuval;  Spicy and a tad salty to me. 

#7. Once the banana leaf is spread, they will serve you steaming hot rice and vege as side dishes. 

#8. Both the rice and side dishes are refillable! :D 

#9. Then you get to choose curry or dhal as your gravy, I chose Chicken Curry gravy (:

Do you know that, to show your appreciation after a satisfying meal, fold the banana leaf towards you (i.e. inwards) to signify that the meal was good. Folding the opposite direction (i.e. upwards/away from you) signifies that the meal was not satisfying. — Wikipedia

#10. After the satisfying meal *burp* but I folded the banana leaf upwards *facepalm*

#11. The only evidence that I eat with my hand instead of fork&spoon :P

#12. They have a wide variety of main dishes to choose from! 

#13. The non vegetarian section

#14. You can opt to eat outside of the restaurant as well (open space)

#15. They have vegetarian dishes as well (: 

#16. Few choices of vegetables available; didn't get to taste fried cucumber this time.

The Lotus Family Restaurant Klang
1, Jalan Dato Dollah,
Off Persiaran Raja Muda Musa,

The lunch was really fulfilling, didn't get to add on any rice that day cause I was keeping some space for the durians we bought earlier, plus I was still full after breakfast x_x It would be totally worth it for people who can eat a lot! Not sure if it was me or the curry was really spicy that day. On the other side, the service was really poor and slow (annoying much!) but I will definitely go back there for another round of banana leaf rice.

So if you're around Klang one fine day craving for banana leaf rice, you know where to go! The earlier the better :D

P/S: Where do you guys usually have banana leaf rice? Do share with me as well (:


Kahmon said...

Y NO FORK AND SPOON!! Cant ask for it?? Aiks!! I feels like trying already!! Yummy!! Wondering where is the nearest banana leaf rice at my area. XD

Nikel Khor said...

seem like pricy food..

BernardGT said...

FUIYOHHH!!! very fancy looking restaurant!!

Isaac Tan said...

eat with fingers more feel right? XD we should all organize one outing, then all eat with hands XD

banana leaf rice restaurants are quite ncie, but always rather pricey

Xue Ren said...

eat with fingers? wooww! btw, daun pisang rice is delicious! =P

Stephanie Ee said...

I'm yet to try. But I miss eating with fingers =D

Eat food with fingers seems to be more delicious xD

SuFang (Careen) said...

Omg I want some! So yummy~

jfook said...

I also never tried before.. Im not into indian food...

Thristhan said...

Wahh, I chill at this place once too often with my mates. The food is not as tasty as they used to be years back. Now I wold say they are average only. Are you from Klang too?

jennifer said...

i wish i can try too!:( *drool*

` Yi Han said...

You had your first time! I have not tried it before! :P

Glo-w~* said...

i love banana leaf rice^^ been having since i was young! btw, folding the leaf outwards is usually done at funerals. or when u dont wanna come back. it's more customary to fold inwards ^^

Jolyn said...


Small Kucing said...

Lotus is everywhere. Nice food

Kian Fai said...

I tried mine at Subang Jaya, I dun use hand to eat because I am working base on chemical work :P and too much radiation goes to my hand from keyboard LOL