Monday, August 22, 2011

Sushi Zanmai FTW!

My title says it all! I've been to Sushi Zanmai for countless time, even blogged about them twice cause they never fail to disappoint me. && if you know me well you'd know Sushi Zanmai is my favourite place (boyf's too :P) when it comes to Japanese food.

I would usually go the one in One Utama for their double thumbs up service and quality of food (Y) This time round, the queue was longer than usual and we waited for almost half hour before we were seated but it was definitely worth the wait!

Welcome to Sushi Zanmai; the genuine conveyor-sushi restaurant!

The must-have everytime I visit; Inari kanimayo yaki <3 The mayonaise and grilled crab meat go so well together! 

Boyf's soft shell crab temaki.
Hot ocha <3<3
3 pieces of Salmon Sashimi just to satisfy my craving for it; but I remember it used to be in bigger piece :/

I decided to go for something different this time instead of having Yakiniku Don all the time so I go for Sukiyaki this time! 

Look at those beef strips *slurps* 

Dai Dai Roll; loving the spicy sauce that comes with it. 

Can't wait to dig in already *OMNOMNOMZ*

Dip it with minimal amount of sweet sauce and eat it; aah simply orgasmic!

Soy based soup served with beancurd and vegetables; healthy meal, no? 

After cooking it; tender and beefy enough to my liking! The portion of Sukiyaki is actually sufficient for two.

Boyf's fave Chicken Katsu Udon, forever also order the same one LOL and he loves it large.

Crispy golden chicken strips! He claimed that the chicken katsu is better than the one from Hokkaido Ichiba. 

Happy people with happy tummy (':

Nothing beats a dinner with great company and good food. Thank you boyf for an awesome dinner date <3 



XCB said...

me love sushi zanmai too <3 spider roll is awesome too

jfook said...

the best sushi franchise ever in MY i guess.

Kian Fai said...

wahlao too much! the salmon so thick ar lol

me no good in raw food wei heheh so I wont be so drooling about it XD

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

SUSHI ZANMAI :D Hehe! i love it as well! And you look so pretty in your piccies :D

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Sushi Zanmai is my fave too! =D

Kahmon said...

Yerrrrrr.......... jeles la!! I wan sushi!! I want many many many many many many sashimis!! T_T"

I love sushi zanmai as well. Hahaha, miss it already. >,<

Shuwen said...

looks so naaais ! HAHA I think I've read quite alot of sushi zanmai posts on your bloog XD

Nikel Khor said...


QIaN said...

Sushi Zanmai is my fav as well!!!
I want sukiyaki and the baked inari!!!!

Jessy said...

Agreeeee! Zanmai roxxxx!

Aki said...

LoL.. I'm drooling.. Will finish em all by myself alone!! Hahaha..

Kimiko Foo said...

tamago mentai my all time fav <3

vivinyvil said...

just love ur new look :D

Isaac Tan said...

ate here a couple of times, and i think it rocks too!:)

Small Kucing said... not fond of japanese food but my tummy is growling now from seeing those delicious pix

CleverMunkey ® said...

wahhh... looks good weih! never tried the sukiyaki before too but i still prefer korean if im going for meat. For sushi & sashimi, sushi zanmai is the best place to go to :)

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

kuromeowiie said...


toninkush said...

we just had this for Qian's birthday lol

Jamie Wong said...

hmm impressive.. those sushi are just like what i can get over here. not my hometown though :<