Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our birthdays celebration ❤

Hello earthlings :D It's the last week of September already!

So it was our birthdays over the last weekend and by our, I mean the boyf and I <3 This is the second year we're celebrating our birthdays together. I'm really glad the way it turned out although I don't even have the slightest idea about it and that he has been planning with my lovelies this all this while (': He only told me the day before that we're going to have dinner 'somewhere' and that's all.

He picked me up on Saturday evening, surprised me with stuff  ♡♡ and off we go to somewhere apparently only he knows but I was smart enough, I knew the road we're heading to was to KL. My first guess was Ampang Lookout Point, but then we ended up in front of Federal Hotel and the GPS said "Arriving at destination". I was like EH, WHY ARE WE HERE. I was still clueless until we were in the lift, the boyf pressed on the 18th floor, and I saw Bintang Revolving Restaurant. Oh wow, now this is definitely something new cause the only revolving restaurant I know was the one at KL Tower, so yeah :P

Anyway, welcome to Bintang Revolving Restaurant!

 Our revolving restaurant is one of Kuala Lumpur’s most well-known and prestigious landmarks. Located on the 18th floor of The Federal, this restaurant revolves to allow diners a 360-degree majestic view of the city’s skyline and enjoy The Federal’s fine dining at its very best. By night, the setting becomes romantic with candle-lit tables and live music in the background.   —

An extensive menu of both local and Western fare.

Candle light dinner for two. 

The place indeed looks very classy with its elegant yet warm decor and dim light setting, the perfect place for a romantic dinner. According to the boyf, there will be normally a live band performing but too bad there isn't any that night. The movement of the floor was a tad jerky at times but it was still tolerable (:

He was all hyped up (: 

Spotted Royale Bintang Hotel next to us. 

Hot tea served with milk, choices of brown or normal sugar and creamer.

Look, that's the KL Tower!
Another prominent building that you can obviously see is the KLCC Twin Tower.

Complimentary bread with butter.

My Sizzling Sirloin Steak The Classic Version; Sizzling plate beef served with sour cream baked potato, cheddar cheese, vegetables & traditional shallot jus. 
You can choose between black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce to go with your steak (:

His Light Batter Fish &Chip; Crispy red snapper fillet with tartar sauce & fresh tomato

Sour cream baked potato with bacon strips YUMS

I had my steak medium well with warm juicy succulent pink center. 

Birthday girl/boy is entitled to have a free dinner with a minimum of 3 persons dining.

A must when there's mirror in the lift! :P 
Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience since it was my first romantic dinner with him, what else can I say. The food was remarkable and satisfying but quite pricey. I'm impressed with their highly experienced staff and friendly service as well. Good food with great scenery and of course an awesome company made it even memorable <3

Bintang Revolving Restaurant
18th Floor, Federal Hotel,
35 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: + 603 2148 9166
Opening Hours: 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily

After the dinner, we went to Desa Parkcity to have a stroll (which actually has a reason behind it) before sending me back around 11-ish.

Kenneth, Y U NO open your eyes big big :P

T'was a lovely night, and I enjoyed it. We had a good time catching up with each other cause he was forever so busy ever since he started his studies. Thanks for everything, baby boy. But then the story doesn't end here cause something even awesome happened after that. 




SuFang (Careen) said...

So sweet! Happy birthday to both of you :D

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Sweetnya!! *jealous*jealous* :P the food looks really good! especially your bf's one!

Jessy said...

Awhh so sweeet la babe:)

LuPorTi said...

You had a wonderful celebration. *Jealous*

SiMon Har said...

ooo... lucky u! juz found out this revolving restaurant other than KL Tower's!

ken said...

so sweet :)

toninkush said...

Awww so romantic. Yappy burfday again! So many pics... too lazy to wait for them to load up lol

New post is up!

Queennie said...

Horrr ! So sweet !! Anyway, happy birthday Hilda :D

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

awesome! I've been to the one in KL Tower but i guess i'm putting this in the list of must try placeS!

hellolala said...

happy last week of september! really miss seeing you around :)

Jamie Wong said...

what a lovely bf you have! assure him will be a lovely husband next time! :)

shii teck said...

wow.. lovely birthday celebration!

Small Kucing said... sweet of him

~Joeanney~ said...

i wonder what happen next? Hmmmmpp @@

Pennie YenSun said...

Aww! SWEET! :D
Btw, the sirloin steak looks yummy!

Priscilla-Needsahug said...

ee You guys got the same birthday?! awww how sweet! :D <3 Happy Belated birthday dearieee <3

Henry Tan said...

wow! so niceeee!

Camy said...

awwwww. so sweet of u both!

Xue Ren said...

awww! so sweet hilda! feel happy for u both! :)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

so lovey dovey!! <33 cant wait for the next part! :p

Allison said...

so romantic indeed! hehe! happy belated birthdays! :)