Thursday, September 1, 2011

ADV: Pimp your laptops with Hydraskins!

Getting sick of your same old dull looking laptop cover? Feel like giving your laptop a new makeover? Need extra protection for the laptop you just bought? Guess what, Hydraskins has all the solutions! :D

In conjuction with the launch of Apollo 18, Hydraskins is giving away a limited edition Apollo 18 laptop skin to 30 bloggers and I'm lucky to be one them! Now what's so great about hydraskins' laptop skin? It is water resistant, reusable, scratch resistant, enables clean removal and can be applied on flat and curved surface.

Fret not if it's your first time when it comes to applying laptop skin cause there's an application manual provided, how thoughtful. Definitely useful for newbie like me (: It takes only 9 easy breezy steps to get your laptop skinned!

So today, I will show you steps by steps on how to pimp your laptop with hydraskin! Before you start, you'll need a cloth, ruler, pencil, a pair of scissors and of course your laptop.

#1. First, wipe the surface of your laptop cover with a cloth to remove any dust or dirt. 

#2. Turn decal to the back and measured the desired size of your laptop. I love the fact that it comes with a grid network, which make it so much easier to measure and cut the laptop skin.

#3. Then, cut away the extra length by following the guidelines to fit your laptop perfectly. 

#4. Next, pull the decal slowly from one edge while holding the kraft paper. 

#5. Align center of the decal with your laptop and place gently on the surface of the laptop surface.  

#6. With cloth, start rubbing from left to right in zigzag motion. If there is air bubbles, gently peel back the affected section.  Rub towards the edge again. Repeat the steps until air bubbles disappear.

Some final touch before leaving the decal to bond with the laptop for 30 minutes. Tick tock tick tock...

Voila! The final result with my happy feet :D Looking good, isn't it? Such a major transformation for my lovely pink lappie.

The laptop skin also comes with the palm rest skin! Repeat the same 9 steps above to apply it on (: 

All thanks to Hydraskin, I can now haz skinned laptop :D and with this skinned laptop, I'll be getting 2 passes to catch the priemere of Apollo 18 before the actual screening date! 

I find it quite easy to apply the laptop skin without air bubble or crease, because it is made with specially textured adhesive surface. So what are you waiting for? Get your own DIY pre-cut decal stick-on that fits your laptop with hundred of designs from artists around the world to choose from, and guess what? Hydraskins, or known as the Gadget Skins Specialists also provide skins for gadgets like Ipad, Iphone, BB, HTC, PSP and even PS3. You name it, they have it. Feel free to check out their official website, FB and twitter for more details!

Be a part of history.
Be a part of Apollo 18.



~Joeanney~ said...

hu? You use your own lappy ar? ma no more pinky lappy d lo?

jfook said...

gosh you have done yours already. i havent even started.

Priscilla-Needsahug said...

:O LOL. you put the skin upside down.

Small Kucing said... more worry about being scratched. Looks like brand new

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

im also using DELL~ woohoo~

Jessy said...

Terbalik jorrrrrr!!!

Camy said...

i dun have my own lappy! =(

Qi Wen said...

Nicely fit! :) If it is me, I tak sampai hati cover the pink lappy >.<

Nikel Khor said...

wow... nice touch.. but 30 minits? keke

Queennie said...

So nice the decal consists grid network ! btw, isit upside down? 0.0

ken said...

nice.. but i think you stick terbalik la.. lol :P

cutebun said...

so many ppl say u stick terbalik. LOL. I think you want to see the skin facing urself gua =P

Kian Fai said...

me no laptop lol

iSkino said...

cool post..

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