Friday, October 7, 2011

Mahsa Idol 2011

It all started by American Idol; a reality television singing competition which began back in 2002. Besides that, we also have our very own local production Akademi Fantasia and also One Million Star (超級星光大道) in Taiwan in search of talented young people. Likewise, that's how Mahsa Idol 2011 came about as well, in search of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, radiologist, physiotherapist (or any medical practitioner you can name of) who can sing :P 

Mahsa Idol 2011 Elimination Round was held on last Wednesday night, 5th Oct 2011 at Mahsa (JUC) Auditorium, organized by the Student Rep Council.

Grand prize winner will bring back home a total of RM1000, first runner up -RM500 while second runner up - RM300!

Mahsa's newly built auditiorium; huge and comfy :D

Our very own Mahsa Idol; looks familiar don't you think? (;

Seats for the judges, and yes we have three judges as well! What makes it different from American Idol is our result are fully based on the judges instead of audience voting, fair enough? 

Emcees of the night; too bad we don't have Ryan Seacrest :P 

The 11 contestants of the night; consists of 9 solo singers (some of them had their own guitarist) and also 2 bands. For this elimination round, 6 will be eliminated while the remaining 5 will be moving on to the final round and  a step closer to win back home the RM1000!

The contestants from different faculties and departments in random order who sang that night;

I must say I was quite impressed with all of their performances, I never knew that we had so much talented people in our Uni! I was blown away and I did enjoy myself that night, plus I was having a really good view from the front row seat (;

We have our own Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell as well :D
Photos of judges are doing their 'thang';

Eh, pitching lari lah! -- No, it's not true, I made that up HAHA

The overwhelming and hyper crowd, never expected to have so many audiences to turn up. The auditorium was nearly full house.

Audiences showing their support and love! 

Besides that, we have performances by the winners of Sony Talent Competition (Best Solo & Best Group) to entertain the crowd. Brilliantly talented people as well. 
Wilma; my classmate in Foundation (: She sang Love Light by CNBlue and Who Says by ofcourseyouknowwho HAHA Selena Gomez! 

This group performed Thinking of You by Katy Perry and Price Tag by Jessie J, another awesome performance!

After the performance ended, it's time to announce the remaining 5 contestants who can proceed to the GRAND FINAL... *drum rolls*
Who's gonna be the lucky 5? :D

The emcee is making everyone nervous *dup dap dup dap*

Here you go! A group photo of the final 5 with the judges. 

Congrats Geek in the Pink, Megalodon, Siew Sze Hoong, Chad and Meicther! 

The who event adjourned at around 10-ish.  

Few of my classmates who came to support Mahsa Idol (:

Meet the judges; Mr. Khairul, Puan Nor, and Mr. Andrew Huan as the head judge. 

The organizing chairman who had done a lot of hard work to make Mahsa Idol a success, the emcees and Mr. Andrew Huan.

Another shot with them, Cik Zita and Mabel.  
So who do you think will walk away with grand prize of RM1000? Well, hop over to Mahsa JUC auditorium next week, same day same time to catch the grand final will be on the 12th of Oct, 8.30pm sharp!

See you there (;



Stephanie Ee said...

Interesting! I wonder if my campus had any of these kind competition before xD

ken said...

nice.. my uni last time also had contests like this.. they call it Idol too.. haha.. nice to see singing talents :)

Xue Ren said...

wow! its nice to have such contest in campus! :)

Small Kucing said...

wow..that looks fun. Sure enjoyed the performance

CleverMunkey ® said...

geek in the pink>? LOL
seems like they all very talented oh... y u tak join? :P

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

So american idol-ish :D hehe! your auditorium looks very nice and comfy...somehow, it resembles the inside of an airplane lol

SiMon Har said...

eee... u should record and uplaod their performances!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Hilda. Man i'm still sounding like Paula Abdul haha.