Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bertam Ulu Pork Satay

Warning: This is a non-halal post.

Satay has always been one of Malacca's trademark, not only satay celup (which I will be blogging later) alone but also pork satay that shall not be missed! Few of the famous ones would be Sun May Hiong Satay House @ Jalan Kota Laksamana or Xiang Ji Pork Satay @ Jalan Portugis.

After the Klebang Coconut Shake session, we ventured all the way to Bertam Ulu, a remote area located 15km away from Malacca Town just to have their porky satay for dinner. This place is quite renown among the locals from Masjid Tanah.
I assumed it is a family business and the stall was operated at a large compound in front of a single storey house; Chuan Seng 泉成.

One of the best satay peanut gravy I've ever tasted, I kid you not. Tangy, sweet, spicy and everything nice! It tasted special because of the salted plum (水梅) they added.

We had chicken satay, pork satay and pork intestine satay served with chopped cucumber and onions.

Not forgetting the ketupats (sticky rice dumplings), best eaten with the oh-so-peanut-licious sauce! 

Pork intestine satay. No, I don't fancy innards so I just tried a piece of it. 

The heavenly porky satay! What more can I say? The meat was tender and well marinated, grilled to perfection with crisp, slightly burnt edge (Y)(Y) I have more than 10 skewers of porky satay. 

We had merely satays and ketupat as our dinner, and I have to say it was pretty good (; According to Kew's brother, it was 全马六甲最好吃的猪肉satay (Read: The best pork satay in Malacca) HEH Not sure how much does per stick cost, cause it was on Kew's brother treat. I remembered it was around RM45 for 55 sticks of satay, 6 ketupats and drinks. 

Suprisingly, it was the females (young to old) from the family who are running the business.

The mom and daughter preparing the skewers. 

Another daughter and the maid BBQ-ing the skewers. The satay are served right away after they are done at the BBQ pit. 

The raw chunks of meat perfectly skewered.  

Roughly how the whole place looks like, with Joeann happily photobombing my photo :P

Chuan Seng 泉成 Pork Satay 
Located nearby SJK(c) Ulu Bertam
Mukim Tanjung Minyak, Melaka Tengah,
76450 Melaka.
Operating Hours: At night.

P/S: This post marks the end of first day in Malacca :D Stay tuned for DAY 2!



~Joeanney~ said...

hAHA...i look more like stealing satay or perhaps never pay after eating, just CABUT like that...haha

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

The last picture of Joeanney is so cute! HAHA! So happy like a little kangoroo =B bad decision to view your blog at this time hahaha i'm hungry =3=

Camy said...

satay is always my favourite!

Small Kucing said... yummy looking am drooling

Tony Teh said...

wow, the place i ate pork satay at in malacca, the flesh is not as thick. like snacks. this one looks filling

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Anonymous said...

omgggg you're so hardworking.. I went to malacca for four times this year and I didn't blog a single thing about it. =X