Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Malacca Fun Trip 2011

I've been planning this trip since forever and finally I get to visit Malacca dubbed as The Historic State during my one week Deepavali holiday. My first and last visit to Malacca was 8 years ago when I was only 11 (IKR!) with my family so I was pretty excited about this trip. I guess the main reason that has been wanting me to revisit Malacca is mostly because of the food that everyone has been blogging about!

Thanks to Kew for providing such great hospitality and driving us around from north to south and east to west being the tour guide throughout our trip since she's from Malacca (:

It was supposed to be a 3D2N trip but then we extended our stay cause Malacca has been really nice to us, especially the friendly people! I'm surely coming back again in Dec with my family (: I'll be blogging this trip according to Day 1, 2 yadaa yadaa yadaa and there will be separated post for food as well.

Without further ado, let the historical journey begins :P but I gotta warn you that it's gonna be a super duper heavy loaded post full of photos!

DAY 1 
#1. At Bandar Tasik Selatan Bus Terminal. Spacious and super clean, looks like an airport. 

#2. The bus was really punctual and departed on time. 

#3. Upon arriving, let's conquer the Malacca City! Me and my usual heart-shaped sunnies ♥⌣♥

#4. First stop; Tan Kim Hock Product Center @ 85-89 Jalan Bendahara. 

#5. Selling mostly local products like Pineapple Tarts, Dodol, Tambun Biscuit, Belacan, Cencaluk, dried fruits and etc. 

#6. Random shot of the crows (:

#7. The Taming Sari Revolving Tower @ Jalan Merdeka.

Second stop of the day would be the heritage area of  Malacca where all the historical buildings are at.

#8. Twin Pioneer CCMK1, a gift by the Royal Malaysian Airforce to the Malacca Transportation Museum.

#9. Large locomotive with actual rails on display. 

#10. Bits and pieces of the locomotive. 

#11. Heavily decorated trishaws or known as beca by the locals with blaring loud musics would be a usual sight around the city, too bad I didn't get to  ride on it. 

#12. Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower that is built in 1886.
#13. The fountain at the Dutch Square beside the Clock Tower. 

#14. Christ Church. Free admission yet photography is not allowed.

#15. Pretty flowers ❀✿

#16. Stalls all along Stadthuys, one of the oldest Dutch buildings in the East.

#17. Injuired myself on the first day itself ~ somehow it looks like an arrow pointing to the cut :P 

#18. The pathway heading up to the St. Paul Church.

#19. The view from the pathway; that's the Malay and Islamic World Museum and see that ship over there? It's the Maritime Museum. 

#20. The statue of St. Francis Xavier with a right missing hand next to the ruins of St. Paul Church.

#21. St. Paul Church which is located at the summit of St. Paul's Hill was originally built by the Portugese.

#22. Old Portugese tombstones leaning against the wall of the church. 

#23. And more tombstones found in the church.  

#24. The open grave in the church, now covered with wire mesh marks the place of St. Francis Xavier's temporary burial. Spot those money and coins that people threw inside? 

#25. A chapel which was once a praying place still staying strong with thick bricks *in awe*

#26. There is a Dutch Graveyard located not far away from St. Paul Church.

#27. Imagine visiting this place at night *spoooooooky*

#28. Awwwww, two meow meows taking their nap! 
#29. Porta de Santiago, a small gate house and the only remaining part of Fort A Famosa built back in the 15th century by the Portugese! 
Note: If you're a true Malaysian,  you will definitely know why this place exist or else shame on you!

#30. Cannon in front of the fortress.

#31. Back entrance of the fortress with Joeann and Kew (: 

#32. Proclamation of Independence Memorial; free admission but too bad it was closed on the day we were there (Monday).

#33. Malaysia, tanah  tumpahnya Darahku <3

I've always love History back in high school thus explains the enthusiasm when it comes to visiting all these historical buildings and getting to know the story behind it. Not forgetting the unique blend of culture and architecture of those buildings that never fail to fascinate as well. This is why Malacca is one of my favourite place to visit! If only I had the chance to visit all the museums around that area (:

Day 1 didn't just end here. After spending a whole day visiting all these historical buildings under the scorching sun, we then head to the third stop of the day; Nadeje @ Dataran Pahlawan for tea break, coming up in the next post. Be sure to stay tuned!



soulesscloudy said...

wow.. nice shot...

Anonymous said...

Wahhh the cats are having nap or....

hahaha.. Btw your photos are very nice =)

Jessy said...

i can only last one day in malacca...but you all seem to hv alot of fun eh, Nice=)

Kian Fai Koh said...

lol omg I cant walk that much . . . unless only in the area within A Formosa and Red House it was alright :)

Small Kucing said...

ouch...hope the injured leg is better already now.

Isaac Tan said...

i love malacca! was there for 1 year during foundation studies

Camy said...

woow! nice photos!

M-Knight said...

nice photos...will go there again...

FiSh said...

i saw that pair of shoes! from vincci rite? i have one pair too ^^

BenjaminVai said...

why u pokai! hahaha

nice to be in malacca. i like historical places

Kahmon said...

Nice picture... Rawr, I feels like going to malacca too this weekend but ffked by someone. =[

Why bruise ur leg?? terkick something??

Tony Teh said...

haha i went to malacca earlier this year too. wanted to take a photo with the cannon in my arsenal jersey. too bad i didnt bring it that time

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LauraLeia said...

Wowowow nice pics! Malacca is a really cool place to walk around. :D Well, it's hot, since it's Malaysia, but cool.... well, you know what i mean, right? XD

• Stephanie • said...

I love ur heart shape sunglasses! I have one too,but the sides r thicker. Plan to go there v bf this coming hol,lol

LuPorTi said...

Nice trip ya. Which place you think is the best?