Saturday, November 19, 2011

San Shu Gong 三叔公 @ Jonker Street

So as I've promised, here you go...

Since Jonker 88 was closed, we went to San Shu Gong to quench our thirst instead. San Shu Gong can be easily recognized from far, its a four-storey building painted in red like The Stadhuys. It is located at the other entrance of Jonker Street and just opposite to Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball shop.

[Recycled image]

Tons of chinese clay jars arrangely nicely on the shelves, decorated with cute wooden toy characters. 

It was fully packed at the ground floor, so we headed up to the first floor. 

The menu (: 

It says don't miss the Malaccan most authentic dessert, durian chendol! I'm not sure how true is that.

Special packaging of the durian cendol with shaved on top (:

Durian Cendol  @ RM5.80 (Y)

There's even a yellow spoon that comes together with it! *jakun*

Mix everything together and voila, enjoy the cold icy durian cendol :D I think it tasted okay, nothing to be whoa-ed at. Since I never get to try the one from Jonker 88, I couldn't tell which is nicer *shrugs* Plus, this is my first time trying to! But many have claimed that Jonker 88's one is way better. Die die also must try during my next trip.

Oh, and don't forget to try their The Tree Splashing Honey Lime Juice that tasted sourish sweet; absolutely the perfect thirst quencher on a hot sunny day! Too bad I've no photo of it :P 

Not sure what is this, but I think it's a chewy jelly made from gula Melaka.  

They are famous for their icy white coffee too! Too bad I'm not a coffee person. 

Look fishes! Exterior at the back of the San Shu Gong. 
Tired faces. 
Besides the cafe, San Shu Gong sells delicacies from dodol, sweetheart cakes (or wife cakes), black sesame biscuits, melon seed biscuits to rice bean cakes, chicken biscuits, pineapple tarts and much more.
Not forgetting their famous essence lime with liquodrice.

So, that's pretty much it! Feel free to drop by when you're in Jonker Street (:

San Shu Gong 三叔公
33, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka.
Contact Number: 06-282 8381
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Daily)



Small Kucing said...

Ya for me the cendol was so-so only too. In fact a bit too sweet la. You got go to the toilet or not? Terrible. Dirty.

love the dolls there. Very cute. Thought wanna buy but no place to put LOL

Isaac Tan said...

really fully packed. Must try this place if i'm down to malacca..

ken said...

never tried here before, but i think i'd still go for the one at Jonker 88 :)

Mr Lonely said...

went there before.. its nice~

Merryn said...

tried this and not too bad la... though i wanna try Jonker 88 but my friends said not nice pulaks! So subjective wan ppl's opinion on food :D

SiMon Har said...

wow, its durian cendol is RM5.80, so expensive!

FiSh said...

oh i think their durian cendol isnt the most tasty one around malacca yet ><


Jessy said...

its like some chinese wine hahaha!

Cassy said...

been here before! actually there's another stall selling much tastier durian cendol around there if i'm not wrong. hehe anyway u looked like u had fun :)

Anonymous said...

YUm!!!! I love Chinese food too!!