Saturday, March 17, 2012

Busy busy little bumble bee

It sure had been a hectic week that I didn't have the luxury time to update my blog T_T

Handed up the assignment that had me stayed up for almost the whole week just to have more of my brain cells dead and suck all what's left in brain juice.. or maybe not, just blame myself for procrastinating #slapself
My blood, sweat and tears #youhavenoidea 
Spent my last RM50 1Msia voucher at BookXcess last Thursday! I can haz these three books for RM3.70 :} will blog about how I spent my other RM150 worth 1Msia voucher HEH

Side tracking..
  • Done with my PL0519 theory exam paper yesterday morning as well, such a killer paper. All is well, hopefully (:
  • Spent my remaining Friday with my boyf and my lovelies.
  • Last minute packing as usual, till  3am this morning.

Got this whiteboard thingy from Ikea yesterday for only RM3.90! It was on sale, how can I resist. NP: 9.90?! DAFUQ! Maybe I could use it to play draw something :P HAHAHA but then I came up with this uber random idea to make good use of it instead....


Tadaa! I'm brilliantly creative or what? :P Didn't have any whiteboard marker, so instead I cut small pieces of paper and stick it using a thumbtack. I gave this masterpiece for the boyf to keep <3 

He will take down the pieces of paper one by one everyday till the last one..which is also the day I'm flying back to KL YAYYYY 
Back to KL? O_O Just so you know, I'm currently in the land of turtles, Kuala Terengganu to be exact for my one month clinical posting!
Took the first flight today with Joeann and one of my classmate (:

Au revoir KL! D:

Our flight took around 45 minutes (but it felt less than that, like srsly!) so only juices and peanuts are served (:

Cotton candy land :3
The flight was full surprisingly that I was seated at the very last row, but still I get the next-to-window-seat *inner child squeals*

Turtles, Y U NO appear when the plane is landing? 

Why, hello there! Terengganu, please be nice? (:
Clinical posting starts tomorrow, yes on a SUNDAY (such a mood killer!) since Sunday is a working day in Terengganu but on a bright side, I get to have early weekend (: Like it or not, I'll still need to adapt myself here in order to survive LOL but one a side note, I can't wait to explore every inch of this town. Hopefully when I'm pretty much settled down, I'll clear up my forever few pending posts asap before blogging about this place. Despite the fact that I'm not here even for 24 hours, I'm missing KL alrdy where everything is so CONVENIENT!

So anyone who knows what's nice to om nom nom in KT, do leave me some comments and recommend me places to try out. I would love to try Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang!

Happy Sunday in advanced people (:


P/S: I miss my other half terribbly. I know he does too.


Anne Lee said...

I spent my book vouchers on the electronic gadgets.. didn't make use to buy books... haha..

hope you enjoy ur vacation.

Small Kucing said...

ask fren to bring u to warung katana . The ikan bakar there very nice. The Paung(mini roti) also very nice. hmmm what else ah....china town there a lot of Chinese food. hmm,...come cafe sort of kopitiam at a plcae called Ladang

XCB said...

have fun guys!!! be sure to update us with many posts when u guys are free! heard hospital terrenganu is quite free tho

• Stephanie • said...

havent finish spending my vouchers yet,will spend em on fashion books for sure! have fun in terengganu!!

Henry Tan said...

lol sorry i never been to KT yet, so dunno what's nice over there! anyhow that's so sweet of u to do a countdown for him! hahaha

Xue Ren said...

wow! so creative! Love the whiteboard thingy! :D

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

no worries you'll meet him soon :)! all the best in your busy schedules

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Jessy said...

have fun in terengganu babe=) enjoy the keropok lekor, u're gonna miss it when u come back to KL =)

Camy said...

i like that board alotttt!