Thursday, March 1, 2012

Din Tai Fung @ The Gardens

I guess quite a number of people would have known that Din Tai Fung is one of the restaurants that serves the best Xiao Long Bao in town. I've not only heard from my friends but read quite a number of excellent reviews on their Xiao Long Bao. It's 鼎鼎有名小笼包, don't play play! I have been dying to try out their Xiao Long Bao but never had the chance until last month (cause it's practically March today). Finally crossing out another item from the to-try-food list YAY
At Din Tai Fung, each piece of Xiao Long Bao is wrapped in fine – yet firm – translucent skin, and each dumpling has at least 18 exquisite folds. The meat within, steamed to perfection, is plump and juicy to the bite. Each Xiao Long Bao is made fresh when you order. Din Tai Fung
In case you don't know what Xiao Long Bao is... *points up* or do you need Uncle Wiki?

Choose what you want, tick in the column provided and give it to the waiter to repeat the order. 

Deciding what to have; something not too heavy cause we just had lunch at Delicious.

There's set lunch available as well which I think it's quite worth it! Shall try it out some day (:

This thing here my friend, is for us to put our handbags or shopping bag (˘⌣˘) or maybe your Chatime. Yes we sneaked in our half drank Chatime! :P HAHA Sorry for being jakun but this definitely deserve double thumbs up (Y)(Y) cause I've never been to any restaurants that provide such hospitality. They even cover it up for you so that you won't spill your food/drinks on your bag. OMG COURTEOUS LVL 900
The clean, comfy, spacious yet not so chinese-y interior, I like. 

The condiments prepared at every table. 

Dish #1: Mango Shrimp Roll 
One of the outstanding dish among deep fried items so Cathy decided to give it a try. Fried Mango and prawn in a spring roll? I tried the one in Hilton PJ and of course it was way nicer.  Thus  I was expecting generous amount of prawn or maybe big size prawn but I could only find one and it's 1/4 of the size of the mango *facepalm* The texture was real crispy though. 
Moving on their signature dish, Xiao Long Bao! 
XLB prepared in a bamboo basket,  somehow related to how their name came about.

Shredded ginger and black Chinese vinegar to go with your XLB.

Just so you know, there are steps to eat these XLB to avoid burnt tongue and stained shirts! I didn't know until Cathy thought me how *shame on me*

#1. Lift up the XLB and bring it to your spoon (Make sure you don't break the delicate skin)
#2. Poke it using your chopsticks or nibble the side of the XLB and suck the broth inside the XLB. 
I seriously thought we need a straw to suck out the broth LOL 
#3. Like the saying goes, save the best for last! Now you can savour the meaty/juicy fillings of the XLB. 
Do have them while they are still steaming hot! 

The broth was flavourful and savory while the fillings on the other hand was real juicy and tender. I couldn't have enough of them. Besides XLB, they serve an array of  mouth watering taiwanese/shanghainese dishes. I'll definitely come back to try their other dishes! *thinking who to drag along* I'm really impressed their high quality and friendly service, and price wise I think it's affordable. 

Today, the original outlet still stands on Xinyi Road in Taipei and there are more than 40 Din Tai Fung outlets in 10 countries. Din Tai Fung has been voted Top 10 Restaurants in the World by The New York Times and has garnered 1 Michelin Star.
They have this open kitchen concept as well to let you see these sifus or dumplings chef (omg is there even such a profession?!) perform preparing XLB. 
Now grab the world famous XLB at Din Tai Fung! 
Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 @The Gardens (Non halal)
Mid Valley City
LG207, Lower Ground Floor
Contact No: +603 2283 2292
Official website: HERE
Also available at: Pavilion KL, Empire Shopping Gallery and e@Curve



Jessy said...

If you go to Singapore, try the one in Singapore. More best!
Malaysia one is just 'ok'.

~Joeanney~ said...

So cool the restaurant provide such hospitality to keep your bag. Never knew that there's actually steps to eat XLB, i straight away just eat nia, haha!! Bring me go try one day kay? My first and the last was like 6 years ago?? haha!

Nikel Khor said...

I like their Beer noodles

Meitzeu said...

I miss yummy Xiao Loong bao ooo~~~

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Charmaine said...

OMG the mango shrimp roll looks so juicy!! *wipes saliva*

missyblurkit said...

I love XLBs. Love it with the ginger and vinegar. Can sometimes be guilty of going in and just ordering XLBs only.

J said...

should try the one in taiwan, heaven!

Anne Lee said...

they serve only dim sum?

Henry Tan said...

lol xiao long bao is kind of hate and like to me. like it coz it is nice but hate it as the soup inside always burnt my mouth when it is burst inside my mouth. =S

Merryn said...

eh.. me jakun too. I've never seen such thing to keep our bags inside!

Kian Fai Koh said...

I love XLB :P

didnt try Din Tai Fung before :) shall go 1 day hehe

bendan said...

T________________T don't blog so much about food la.. or else I dont come here often ge la.

LOL.. jz kidding. Nice food btw, Always wanna try it but the boy dunwan, Hmmmppp!! I think gonna wait 1year later adi.

Diana Diane Teo said...

I am just about to comment on the mango shrimp then I saw ur statement. It supposed to call as "The Hidden Shrimp in Mango" instead. Hehehe..

U so geng. Everytime I read ur blog, after done with another eateries, another eateries next. I also did try this XLB before I tapao balik KK. Not bad but for me okok. I think the Dragon-i much more better. My two cents opinon lah.

Simple Person said...

they say that Din Tai Fung serve the best XLB .. Taiwanese could make a better XLB

Xue Ren said...

I still prefer the one in Dragon-i ! =)

Tony Teh said...

din tai fung is quite a big franchise here i believe but dim sum's not really my thanggg. lol

thanks for updating my link so quickly haha

酱酱`` said...

went there last year with my family
really miss the food there now after reading ur post ><

Camy said...

wooooooo! i want try it!