Monday, May 7, 2012

Pulau Kapas Day Trip (Part II)

The fun doesn't just stop at the previous post, there are more in this post. Do continue reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )

After the getting used to the basics of snorkeling and stuff, we headed to the Long Beach by speedboat, which was approximately a 5 minutes ride from Makcik Gemuk Resort.
Here, we are! Another long stretch of sandy beach accompanied by crystal clear green light blue sea water 
It is advisable to wear a life jacket if you don't how to swim, I still put it on although I can swim cause we will be heading quite far out in the sea, I don't wanna die young HAHA Without further adue, I put on the life jacket and my snorkelling gear and started swimming to the middle of the deep blue sea and snorkel. It was indeed a wonderful experience cause I was so close, like this close *showing a distance of 1cm using my fingers* to nature (˘⌣˘) It was totally different than watching it on the National Geographic Channel, you can feel it for yourself and the feeling is simply ahhhhhhmazing! I tell myself, this will not my last time, I belong here, I think I'm falling in love with snorkelling #confession Sadly most of the coral has been destroyed so there are not much colourful reef and coral to see, but I was still lucky enough to see many kind of beautiful marine life within the vicinity of the island, especially clownfish aka Nemo(!) and mini Nemo, parrotfish, angelfish, giant clams, colourful sea anemone, tons of sea cucumbers, sea urchins and a big fat ugly looking fish that scared the hell out of me and Joean . God's creation is indeed marvelous! ( ^ ∀ ^ ) We are not allowed to step on any of the corals as it will destroy them so make sure you keep yourself afloat most of the time and be careful of the sea urchins, you don't wanna get pricked by them >.<
People from other resorts who came to snorkel as well at the shallow water. 

That's Joeann bringing Steffi snorkeling in the middle of the sea (:

Enjoying the cold sea water over my feet; sheer bliss! 
Since the food at Pulau Kapas is a bit costly, we cooked and brought food from home! HEH 

Such a pretty place, don't you wanna stay here, lie down and just forget the world forever? (´▽`)

I picked this sea cucumber from the sea and bring it to the shore just for the sake of taking photo :P Sorry, Mr. Sea Cucumber! 

It's kinda gross to even touch it but more to say hold it for 2483092 secs! Die die also must take photo with it HEHE

It's sucking on to the coral ~ 

So tired after almost 3 hours of snorkelling ε-(´・`) We didn't even realised it was that long, way too engrossed in the beauty of the underwater life I guess.  

Prove that I was here in Pulau Kapas; 6th April 2012! 

After snorkelling, we were brought back to Makcik Gemuk Resort to rest before visiting Pulau Gemia next. In the meantime, camwhore again while we can \m/
Kash, Aleen, Joeann and Muguntha <3

Group photo of the day #1 -- Taken by Dave, he was kind enough to help us to take photo :D

Group photo of the day #2

Sorry to disappoint cause there's no girls with bikini xD

Around 2pm, we headed to Pulau Gemia which is 10 mins away and we were accompanied by the person in charged to see those cute little baby turtles. Visitors are not really welcomed on that island unless you're staying at the island itself so we only managed to stay there for a while.
The chalets and swimming pool at Gem Island. 

Weeee, baby turtles! (*⌒∇⌒*) Aren't they adorable? I was so excited or should I say jakun to see one since I've never seen a real one before. 

Each of us had the chance to even take a photo with it ♡(´ε` )/span>
Hey there, little fella! :D

Guys, meet my new pet! HEHE 
Bits and pieces of Gem Island, very peaceful and quiet with privacy to the max since it's quite relatively isolated! It can be one of the best place to hide yourself from the real word #justsaying

Group photo #3; Of course we didn't miss a chance to take a photo at Gem Island (: 
Drop dead tired after a long but fun day! (-_-) zzz If it's not for the scorching hot weather, I can just fall asleep on the beach. 

♥ Corals and seashells 
Since we still have an hour plus, we spent the remaining time dipping in the sea water~ 
Love the feeling of being drifted away by the sea water, so relaxing. 

Talking business LOL 
At 5.30pm, it's time to say goodbye )': wish we could have stay longer or even stay overnight there. If it's not for the presentation we had to do the following week, we would! LE SIGH till we meet again *waves*
Speedboat is on time to fetch us, leaving with a very heavy heart. 

On the way back (: Thank God it was a smooth sail back, nothing compared to the morning bumpy ride. 

The Marang jetty. 

Scenery taken at the jetty, loving the blue sky 

Last group photo #4; Can we not say goodbye? Spot my T-shirt? I love Terengganu yaw B)

This is the row of shops that offers different packages I mentioned earlier. 

I would highly recommend Makcik Gemuk Resort, friendly and excellent service! You can always try to negotiate with them. 
Between May to August and other local holidays are the best times to visit especially May which is the squid jigging season. During this period of time you can go for squid jigging activities which can be arranged by any one of the local chalet here during the evening. Too bad we were there during April, or else we would give squid jigging a try!

So I guess that's all about my Pulau Kapas Day Trip. For those who are tight on budget yet still wanting to go for an island trip, I would recommend Pulau Kapas as it is less crowded and its laid back atmosphere is ideal for relaxation, perfect for a peaceful getaway during the weekends. It might be quite boring during the time as there is not much activity, but you can always find something to do (: So yeah I'm alrdy dreaming thinking about next island to visit, totally can't wait for it! Now, who's with me? :D



Simple Person said...

I had seen a turtle before but has not hold a baby turtle b4...
When u hold it did he cry? Lol
It is cute n adorable... Btw does it bite ?

XCB said...

i love island too, i can just lie on the beach whole day

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

makcik gemuk resort? what a cute name XD

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Tony Teh said...

i love turtles! but do they bite like tortoise? their cuter nonetheless =D Genting Theme Park review

Small Kucing said...

I feel so relaxed looking at the photos :)

Eunice said...

wahh!!! hilda, I really enjoy browsing yr pics!! so enjoyable! HAHAH! AND THE CAPTION' talking business'..hahah! Nice laa!

Henry Tan said...

wow now i only know pulau kapas is at terengganu. haha and damn funny name the resort got! haha and awww no bikini girlss!! TT LOL

Camy said...

omggg that place seems so nice!

Meitzeu said...

Sea turtles, I love!

Xue Ren said...

I touched a baby turtle before too! =D

josarine said...

Sorry to say this, but EEEEEE sea cucumber. At first it looked like a huge leech lol...

Kian Fai Koh said...

hahaha cute resort name.

and seriously u got that sea turtle as pet? lmao no right?