Friday, May 25, 2012

Restoran Tenang Seafood 2 @ Kuala Terengganu

After enjoying the breeze and strolling around at the Batu Burok Beach, we then settled at one of the seafood restaurants for dinner to 'celebrate' the last day of our 4th clinical posting (:
Here, we are at Restoran Tenang Seafood 2! :D 
It is located at the row of restaurants near Batu Burok Beach that I've mentioned in the earlier post, the same row with Batu Burok Beach resort as well. Let's see what we had for dinner!

Tomyam with a generous amount of succulent prawns and the soup was oh so delicious! 

Mixed vegetables that doesn't look colourful since there was neither carrot nor brocolli, I can cook better than LOL

Kangkung Belacan, the belacan was aromatic enough and it wasn't that spicy, plus the kangkung was crunchy OM NOM NOM were so tempted to get another plate of this. 

Ayam Tiga Rasa (Three Flavoured Chicken with pineapple cubes), this my friend was a major disappoint T_T we had better one at the warung near our homestay. 
Sotong Celup Tepung (Deep Fried Squid) - Crispy on the outside with bouncy and springy squid inside. Goes perfectly well with the special made chili sauce YUMS

Last but not least, this sinfully good huge ass ikan bakar(!) that came out as the most expensive dish in the bill but it was all worth it. We actually wanted to get grilled stingray but there was no stingray that day booo and not much choices of fish left so we chose this, not knowing what fish it is. The fish has a lot of flesh and love the sambal that was on top of it. 

See how the hungry monsters in us walloped everything on the plate? HAHA We sure have no mercy on those glorious food! 

It is actually quite a nice and clean place to dine in compared to the other restaurants but the service was sort of slow and unfriendly. 

Total damage of the night; less than RM20 per person. Consider cheap, no? But we felt that the portion was a tad too little for the six of us, not enough to satisfy our seafood craving. 

I like this shot of mine (: 
It's opened till late night, so maybe you can drop by to have supper as well but their ikan bakar is definitely a must order! 
Restoran Tenang Seafood 2
Pantai Batu Burok,
20500, Kuala Terengganu,



Pixie ♥ said...

i love tomyam larrr LOL i love all kinds of food actually heh

XCB said...

omg i love deep fried sotong, sinfully good :P

JunFook said...

Oh my you are making me hungry.

Meitzeu said...

Is like home cook. :) Nice

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Small Kucing said...

They renovated ka? Been there once. the wall used to have glass falling water. to keep the plce cool. ya service was screw up when we where there. we came first but other who came after were served first

* tracey gal * said...

Looking at the pics make me droool!
Me love tomyam and kangkung belacan :D

Eric Lee Huangshi said...

wuaaahh ikan bakar looks damn awesome!

Nikel Khor said...

wah.. KT post havnt done ya..

LauraLeia said...

Just looking at the tom yum soup is making my mouth water!! :O :O :O

Kian Fai Koh said...

looks good eh, hmmm in KT can find such food :X