Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japanese Wawa Eyelash Perm @ Embrace Beauty

Back in May, I saw this deal for Japenese Wawa Eyelash Perm from Ilovediscounts for only RM18 each, I was kinda tempted since I've never tried eyelash perm before (*≧▽≦) In the end, I bought two vouchers for Joeann and I. So we went for it last week, a day after my exam.  Well you know the drill, you have to call up few days before to make a reservation and we chose the earliest time slot available which is at 11.30am.
I wonder if there are people who use this GPS and got lost instead -_-
We had breakfast at Taman Megah before heading to the beauty saloon in Kelana Jaya. With not much of help from this GPS (yes, it is not that useful like seriously ಠ_ಠ), thank God we still manage to find the saloon and were just right in time for our appointment, it must be the good sense of direction we have HAHA :P
When you're in the car as the passenger, you know it's SELCA time! 
This is our BEFORE pic, as you can see we have short and straight lashes. At least Joeann has more lashes than I do, mine are fine and quite little. Even the beautician said so T__T #suckstobeme
HEHEHE My partner in crime :3 No need intro lah, you guys should know her already what!
Alright, back to the main story. We took a lift up and tadddaaa here we are @ Embrace Beauty \( ̄︶ ̄)/
Once you've entered, they will provide you with those fluffy bedroom slippers. The place is practically painted with green and of course it's clean, cosy and nicely decorated. We were then asked to fill up a form, before being brought to the individual treatment rooms. Since the other two staff were off for training that day, there was only a beautician in charge so we took turn to get our eyelashes permed. 

The chemicals and utensils used for the eyelash perm; yeah just that simple! I thought we would need to use some sort of machine LOL 

Meet Katherine, the beautician that attended us that day (: According to her, Japanese Wawa Eyelash Perm is the latest technology straight from Japan and it's way better than the conventional way of perming eyelashes. Now with this technology, you don't have to deal with burning your lids with heated lash curlers, struggling with false eyelashes, or even worse, having your lashes unnaturally flipped 90degrees! She is really friendly and gentle while handling my eyelashes, she was conversing with me the whole time throughout the treatment so there's no awkward silence. 

This is how it works: Your lashes will be treated with a special glue, and then wrapped around a mini sponge-y roller (that pink rubber thingy you see on her eyes; they even have size for it to suit the volume and length of your eyelashes, how cool *jakun*). While holding your eyes tightly shut, the perming solution is applied to the upturned lash, and then it is left to set for about twenty minutes. The result is that "wide-awake" look, which lasts for one to one and half month depending on the nature of your eyelashes. While waiting for the glue to settle in, you can just relax and enjoy the background javanese instrumental music. 

This is the special glue, I assume :P 
Besides eyelash perming, we also received complimentary eyebrow trimming (: That's not just it, our vouchers also include RM100 Package Voucher for any package you sign up, RM50 Product Voucher for any product you purchase and 50% Off services upon next visit for any further services you engage. All these vouchers are valid for 3 months from the first appointment date. They are using ORTUS, which is a wide range of skin care products that has organic ingredients in it.  Besides eyelash perming, they provides beauty services like embroidery, facial, spa and massage as well as slimming treatment.
A cup of tea to end our session (: 
Overall, it was fast and painless session, pretty awesome for my first time experience I would say! I'm pretty satisfied with their service as well yet the price for most of the treatments is a bit pricey for students like me. If it wasn't for the discount, I would have think twice to have my eyelash permed for RM80.
Embrace Beauty
40 1st Floor, Block D, Zenith Corporate Park,
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Selangor.
Tel: 03-7887 0983
FB Page: Embrace Beauty

You guys must be thinking where are the AFTER photos? HEH Be ready for the amount of photos I'll be spamming with tons of photos since I have a valid reason to be more than the typical vain pot I usually am! *batting eyelashes*
#1. Not quite obvious right after the treatment cause few of the lashes got clustered due to the glue which is normal. Looking back at this pic made me miss my hair so much T__T 
#2. By that point of time, I wasn't putting much hope that the effect would be long lasting or even obvious. It seems like there's no difference but boy I was wrong. 
#3. Commercial break for my #OOTD!
Sequined sleeveless top and black shorts from Bangkok, Leopard printed flats from Sg. Wang.
Red nail polish from Elianto. 

#4. Day 4 - can you see what I see?! (ノ>▽<。)ノ So curly right? 

#5. Day 6 - I like the way it's so naturally curled up, can't stop looking at it #ss #perasan

#6. My face isn't at its best condition right now, but the main point is my eyelashes so don't look else where! 
#7. Sorry lah, cannot help myself. Vain to the max (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 
#8. I'm not the make-up type of person plus I'm lazy, so I'll usually just use contact lens and mascara so yeah (: having curly eyelashes just make it even better! 
#9. This is how my current hair looks like, CRAPPY I know. This is just one of those that looks nicer in certain angles. I look like a kid, no? 
#10. Okay, last one I promise! :P 
#11. This one was with mascara on, so it looked thicker and longer. 
It's been a week now and it's still curly *still batting eyelashes* Thank you, Embrace Beauty! Let's see how long will it last (✿◠‿◠)

So have you tried eyelash perming before? If you did, how was it? Do share it with me!


~Joeanney~ said...

Very very the curly, Y U NO take my after perm? haha! So this is what the hairstylist had done to your fringe? You really look like a kid, nvm la..fringe grow very fast one :P

~Joeanney~ said...

and yea, the GPS is really a disappointment, don't know what to do with it, lousy little crap..aih :(

Small Kucing said...

Lol..not surprising use GPS also can lost. me too.

your natural eyelashes is beautiful enough already :)

Chuen said...

nice :) I like buying deals from I Love Discount..haha. Their offers are not bad

Ginny Hana ◕‿◕。 said...

Nice treatment yo... the after effect is curler.. my lashes are so short also.. lol

Kian Fai Koh said...

ooo! so the curl of the eyelash macam can go up sky high eh? :D

SiMon Har said...

I can see it's camwhore time for the passengers XD Myvi's GPS not good ah?

Xue Ren said...

indeed very curly! can see the effectiveness! :D

bendan said...

Wow.. love ur curl lashes!!!! hHat's pretty. =]

nadhirahmusic said...

i think you look cute as usual and your hair looks awesome :)