Sunday, July 1, 2012

No place like home ♥

Sorry for the sudden hiatus but no worries cause I'm back... here and back home again(!) for three weeks but I guess this would be my last time flying back home this year since I won't be having any more long breaks when my classes commence end of this month (╯︵╰,) and yes I've passed my resit exam so hell yeah I'm progressing to year 3 baby!
Saw that minion in the middle? HAHAHA so cuteeee! That's how I looked like when I knew my result which was out less than an hour after my exam finished last Wed *does the victory dance*
I was so relieved and happy of course, felt a huge burden being lifted from my shoulder. I can finally have peaceful sleep and enjoy my remaining holidays without feeling guilty! Thus, I've been keeping myself occupied after the exam and spent quality time with my loved ones before leaving KL yesterday which explains the fact that my blog is dead :P

Despite of all the good things that happened last week, mother of all shit happened to me yesterday. Guess what? The genius in me forgot to bring my temporary paper IC (cause my IC is still being renewed) to the airport and my flight was just two hours away! #badluckbrian.jpg What's even worse, there are long queues everywhere, at the scanning lane, check-in counters and even into the departure hall. I panicked and I was totally clueless on what I should do next. Long story short, I managed to settle everything and thank God I still get to board the plane, fly home safely and was able to get through the Bintulu's aiport immigration counter as well. And oh, my flight was delayed for almost an hour ಠ_ಠ Tell me, where got so unlucky one! But most importantly, I'm home now with my luggage as well (: Nothing would be better than that, no place I would rather be at but home.
It's really scary how time flies incredibly fast, today I woke up to another brand new month, July. We are entering into the second half of 2012! I guess all of us are hoping for a better July and a smooth sailing second half of 2012, isn't it? (´∀`) Make sure you make every second counts cause life is too short to not cherish every moment you have #YOLO
Just a recent photo of myself; 
Yellow polka dots top & cardigan from Cotton On.
Anyways, Happy July to you guys and happy holiday to myself ヽ(^。^)丿
Do stay tuned cause I'll update soon, pinky promise!


~Joeanney~ said...

I spot the one at the back, trying to jump as high as possible so that he could be notice...haha!!

Glad that you've passed! Hhip hip HOORAY!!! for you :D

Ken Wooi said...

Yeah, time flies! Getting OLD! :S

Diana Diane Teo D'Traveller said...

Polka dot polka dot. I am deeply in love with polka dot recently. =D

Congratulation gal for passing your exam.

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Have a happy July to you too babe! <3

Small Kucing said...

congratulation on passing those subject. Guess now another year of working hard again but then ir will sure pay off :)

Anne Lee said...

ah, that moving picture is very cute. very attractive. you really have treat yourself good after exams, enjoy your semester break.

Kian Fai Koh said...

hiatus? LOL mine longer ok? hahahaha