Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Wall Decoration

I've always wanted to decorate the small portion of the wall above my study table, not in a fancy or extravaganza way but the way I like it to be; simple. Decorating wall with photographs is just too mainstream, plus I get to see my friends and boyf most of the time so no point of putting up their photographs on my wall.
So this is how the wall initially look like -- a total crap I know HAHA but I couldn't find a better way to keep all the love notes and birthday cards my lovelies gave me and the movie tickets as well. Plus, I don't like my wall being empty.  
Everytime someone visited my room, the first thing they noticed would be my wall of famemess! I would defend myself and tell them it's creative okay :P #indenial So on one fine day, I was in Daiso with the lovelies and I found out that they sell corkboard! I always wanted one to put on my wall but those sold in bookstores are kinda pricey. I quickly grabbed two and got myself some colourful push pins, I'm a sucker for cute stuff. They even have those mini pegs with heartshapes too, but I have no idea how can I utilize them.

Thus, going to Daiso too often is not a good thing, I will enter happily but leaving with a hole in my purse :P I always have to remind myself to stay far away whenever there's a Daiso in the shopping mall. It does work but not most of the time #facepalm
Total damage for my DIY wall decoration = Less than RM20! Got that string from Popular for RM2 if I'm not mistaken. 

The pushpins from Daiso, bought two boxes and split it with Elin #smartconsumers 

Pastel coloured and heartshapes pushpins, cute right?(^ω^)
Before I start my mini project, I have to take down all those stuff and clean the wall with a wet cloth. 
Thank God for English instructions! :P 

There are small hooks that comes along with the corkboard, so that you can hang it up to the wall. 

But I didn't hang the two corkboards up actually, I had to use double tape between and behind the cork board to secure them on the wall HAHAHA #cheatone The string and the hook are just for decoration purpose HEH

An after pic(!) that still looks messy. Just so you know, I have the habit of collecting clothes tag as well so I make use of all the space on corkboard and filled it up with everything I have. I even make good use of the hook up there to hang the clothes tag from Whitesoot :P Come to think of it, maybe I should print out my family photo and put it up so that it will motivate me to study harder #justsaying 

So, what do you think? (; 


XCB said...

I have a corkboard on my wall too! bought from daiso as well haha

Camy said...

wooo! although messy but nice! i prefer corkboard look lil messy than empty :X

Tony Teh said...

nice. very colourfully filled desk. that's how a girl's table should look like! Bourne Legacy review

Isabel said...

Cute! If I ever enter Daiso, I make sure I spend at least 15 minutes inside looking at things I've already seen and probably wouldn't buy. Not sure why I must see again! said...

I think it looks great. I need one of those, may 2 or 3 in fact. My rooms messy so this board could probably hold all my important stuffs :)

Merryn said...

LoL! The difference now is you have a corkboard behind all that 'mess' :P

ms.bulat said...

ive seen people wrap the corkboard with cloth (floral/prints/plain) so that the bgrnd willhave a lil colour~

im just helping to make your mess more colourful, not neating it up right hahahha

Xue Ren said...

arhh not bad not bad! :) mine one is like sticking all the papers on the wall. so messy! :( gonna learn from u! :)

Fluffy FurFer said...

that is adorable! I love the pins lol.
Shopping in Daiso has never been boring :D

nicccchang said...

very nice!!!!!!! I wanna do it in my new room also! kekeke!

Mabel Lai said...

I would say it looks like a more organized mess. haha. I love Daiso too!

Anne Lee said...

your desk become more like a teenager already..

jennifer said...

nice!!gonna grab one for my room too :)