Friday, March 15, 2013

Tsunami Village Cafe

Food post this time round!

Again, another delayed post on my Penang trip last November. Obviously I failed to complete the challenge where I'm supposed to blog about my previous Penang trip before my current trip to Penang. Well, by the time you're reading this, I'm already in Penang. *waves from the north Tsk tsk. Epic failure, I know. That's because March has been really really hectic even from the first day itself #notcomplaining

So, where were we? Yes, food! Seafood is definitely one of the not-to-be-missed food in Penang cause it's of course cheaper than the seafood in KL, no? Since we were craving for seafood, Henry Tan brought my bunch and I, as well as JunFook (no group photo, sadly) to Tsunami Village Cafe at Tanjung Bungah for a seafood dinner. No idea why is it called Tsunami Village Cafe but I guess it's probably named in the memory of the disastrous day that once almost turned a part of Penang upside down. Still, it's a peculiar name that makes it easy to remember this place. It's like any other no-frill local eatery with a few tables and chairs arranged by the beach where you can dine in al-fresco, how romantic *smirks Since it was drizzling that day and the beach was barely visible cause of the dark, we opted to dine in.      

It was quite packed at that hour yet we were attended shortly after seated. However, the food took quite some time to be served.
#1. Nestum Mantis Prawns @ RM18.00 
This was my first time having mantis prawns cooked in such a way and I would say this dish didn't disappoint me at all. I like how crunchy and aromatic the fried nestum is and it sure goes well with the mantis prawns. 

#2. Thai Style Steamed Red Snapper @ RM30.00
I was actually expecting a fried fish topped with thick Thai sauce when it comes to Thai Style but the fish turned out to be steamed. It was real goooood (Y) 
I must say that the fish was fresh and most importantly, there was no fishy smell. The flesh was tender too. The gravy was sour and spicy at the same time, making this whole dish appetizing. Best to eat with a bowl of hot steamed rice. I would totally recommend this dish! 

#3. Kam Hiong Squids @ RM20.00
Just like any typical kam hiong dish, the chewy squids were fragrant and flavourful. 

#4. Salted Egg Crabs @ RM36.00
This dish is undeniably one of the best salted egg crab I have tasted till date. I somehow prefer dry version of salted egg instead of the creamy ones. The crabs were generously coated with salted egg and the meat tasted sweet and juicy and came off easily.  I have no complains at all for this dish :9 

#5. Sweet and Sour Crabs @ RM36.00
Equally fresh! I think I prefer my crabs without gravy but this dish is still pretty decent. I guess it's the freshness of the crabs that really matters. Besides this two styles of cooking, this restaurants also serves their crabs with cheese, black pepper, kam heong or even plain baked. You name it, they have it (;

#6. Stir Fried Vege @ RM16.00

A feast enough to feed tummies of nine :D

Overall, the seafood dishes are fared superb in freshness, flavor and price wise. The total bill came up to RM167, which is less than RM20 per person for such a satisfying dinner. Totally worth it! And I would definitely come back for another visit. The view can be pretty awesome too if you were to dine by the beach but on the downside, you have to look out for the amount of annoying mozzy (:

P/S: Oh btw, parking fee can be claimed at the cashier.

Tsunami Village Cafe [Pork-free]
543-A Tanjung Bungah,
11200 Penang.
Phone : 012-487 2718 / 019-447 2718
Opening Hours: 5pm-10pm
Closed on Mondays.

After our dinner, we headed to Bora-bora by Sunset Bistro, which is one of our favourite chilling spot in Penang at night.
Literally sitting by the beach while enjoying the breeze and listening to the waves (: We were seated so close to the beach that I even had the urge to swim in the sea but the beach was dirty, such bummer T__T   
Instead of drinking beers like others, we had fruit juices in plastic cups instead HEH #chio

To be honest, I'm not really looking forward for my trip to Penang tomorrow. But for the sake of their good food, scratch that! Hopefully I don't come back with extra baggage on my tummy (x

If you're a food lover, stay tuned for more Penang food posts that's coming right up!



HenRy LeE said...

food looks yummy but not that cheap to eat seafood in penang eh

Camy Lau said...

i never go there before... :( those food seems so yummy

Small Kucing said...

what a funny name for a restaurant. The taukeh sure have good sense of humor.

Anne Lee said...

i realize that it is like a must go to this tsunami cafe if happen to go to penang. hmm. i have to try it out myself to know why.

Xue Ren said...

woah! the name of the restaurant so chun!!! the food look nice anyway! :)