Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you ready 4 the Next Galaxy?

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why. The NEXT GALAXY is coming to town! What galaxy, you ask me? Hint: It's something sleek and pretty! Now now, take a guess 8)

Well, of course it's the Samsung Galaxy S4 that I'm talking about! On both Friday and Saturday, there is this S4 teaser event that was happening in various malls around Klang Valley. Did you manage to catch it yourself?  As for me, I had the chance to catch the teaser at Tropicana City Mall on Friday night.
Waiting for the crew to get ready and set up their instruments. 

First thing that caught my attention was these colourful balloons. Who doesn't love balloons, eh? 

The teaser started with this guy who played his cello. 
The next thing I knew, three other musicians joined him and formed a mini ochestra. 

And the performance didn't just end there as a few acapella singers joined the troupe a few minutes later. They started off with a cover of Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory with a twist in the lyrics which I think was creatively done. They were really good and entertaining. Their mellifluous voice that harmonized with the sweet melody of the ochestra managed to draw an appreciate crowd as everyone were curious of what was actually happening #successkid.jpg

They danced and move around as well, for a sec I thought I was watching Glee live performance *claps 

Look what is written on their T-shirt! Geddit geddit? :D

It was a brief yet interesting teaser which left everyone anticipating for more. Definitely a unique and catchy way to promote the upcoming galaxy in public. So here's the deal....I have a good news for you guys! *drum rolls*

 The wait is finally over cause the official launch will be happening real soon. I'll reveal the date as soon as it's confirmed so hang in there! 

Check this video out too to find out more about the new smexy galaxy, oh wait, it rhymes :P I was totally blown away after watching the video, the new specs and functions are just wow..left me speechless. I'm really excited and eager to molestcheck out the phone myself at the launch!