Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fynale Classic Jewel 3T Lens

I guess most of the you girls out there wears contact lens, including me as well. I would say it's the most convenient 'cosmetic' to put on during one of those lazy days. I've tried quite a number of different contact lens brands but to be honest I don't favour any particular brand so far. I'm okay with any brands as long as affordable and provides me with the best comfort. Since I don't have big eyes, I'll usually opt for coloured contact lens instead of the normal ones. You'll hardly see me with the normal lens HEH Thanks to My Lens House for giving me a pair of Fynale Lens to try out (: It's actually a sub-brand of Fynale Lens that was recently launched. Just a quick one, My Lens House is a blogshop based in Malaysia that sells contact lens 100% from Korea and I remembering purchasing lens from them few years back and I even did a review on it  here LOL can't believe I actually wrote that. 

Well, back to the main point, the contact lens arrived last Monday and I only managed to collect it the next day, after my final presentation. Just in time for the food review that I was going to attend later that night, which of course I will blog about that soon too (;
It's definitely a plus point to see your hauls being wrapped nicely with polystrene and bubble wraps. However, My Lens House, they will replace another pair for you if there's any breakage. Applicable only if you're buying the Fynale Lens. And it's thoughtful of them to give us free contact lens casing too :D

This is Fynale Classic Jewel 3T lens that I've chosen. Unlike the typical pink and girly packaging, this one was sort of simple and classic as the name suggests.

I chose brown since I've just recently received another two pairs from Mr. Lens which were blue and grey respectively. It's been a while since I wore a brown coloured lens. Although I have a pair of brown eyes, somewhat I felt brown coloured lens doesn't suit me that well. But I've decided to give it a try (;

There all together 14 different designs for the Fynale Classic Range, I chose the one without the black outer ring cause I prefer naturally looking big eyes :P if you get what I mean.
Even without the black outer rings, all lens still have the enlargement effect of 16-18mm. Note that they are actually only 14.50mm in diameter. Specifications of the contact lens are stated as well.
Photo source: My Lens House's FB page

Brown eyed girl (⌒▽⌒)☆ 
The moment I put it on, I was telling my friends that I look like the one of the Cullen's family member cause of the alluring effect.
Joeann and I, on our way to G-Tower (:
She's wearing Fynale Classic Circle Design, read her review here
Close up difference between without flash and with flash. 
And these are the few shots taken under natural daylight.
Do bare with me cause there's too many of my face in the post ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Vain mode unleashed! 

Under indoor lighting.  

Overall, it's a good pair of lens. I love this shade of brown, not too light or dark. Most importantly, it looks natural and dazzling. It gave my eyes a pop, so I can now smizeeeee with my radiant looking eyes *smize* It's super easy to put on and remove (without looking at the mirror HAHA) too, I did encountered lens that took me few minutes to put on and even worse, they hurts! Much to my surprise, this pair doesn't cause me irritation cause my eyes are pretty sensitive. So I reckon it's safe (: The first time I wore it, it lasted for 6 hours with no discomfort albeit slight drying. 
For only RM31 a pair, I would totally recommend you girls to give it a try. Fynale Classic Stella Design is also quite pretty, seen another girl wearing it. Good news it, they are having a promotion now where it's only RM40 for two pairs. Such a steal, right?! Promo only lasts till end of this month, so don't hestitate to get yourself two pairs instead of one! ヽ(^。^)丿And also, don't forget to like their FB Page and follow them on Instagram | Blog  for more update and deets! :D

P/S: Oh dang, I should have take one shot with crossed eyes HAHAHA (◑‿◐)



HenRy LeE said...

walao.... u looked so different in some of the pics

j_fish said...

It looks ok from afar but quite scary in the later pictures. Your previous grey ones are nicer. =p And I love your dimples so much!!X)

HerYuan Lau said...

wowwww! I have 2 pairs of colourlens but dont dare to wear till now :X

~Joeanney~ said...

Yours chao ji ming sien lo, well reviewed, unlike mine HAHAH

XCB said...

u look gorgeous! the brown lenses really got the vampire feel!

sally said...

It's time for me to restock my lens! Haha.

Carolyn Tay said...

I prefer darker lenses, light colours somehow make me feel like I'm blind XD I got a light blue and grey haven't touch yet :/

Henry Tan said...

lol! like a doll! midnight will terkejut if saw that eyes! haha