Friday, June 14, 2013

GTower Ramadhan Buffet Preview Night

Since Hari Raya will fall on August 8th, it means that the holy month of Ramadhan will be here in a month time! When it comes to Ramadhan, all that we can think of, for the non-Muslims is definitely the food at Ramadhan bazaar. Stalls after stalls selling all kinds of mouthwatering local delicacies, right? 

Well, speaking of Ramadhan, I was previlliged to be invited to the Preview of Ramadhan Buffet at GTower last month, right after my exam. It's really good to be able to relax myself with plenty good food and great companion after a hectic week of preparation for my exam.

Let's not babble more and move on to check out the scrumptious buffet spread!  

- Cold appetizers and Salad -
#1. Preserved fruits // Jeruk buah-buahan 

#2. Malay Traditional Salad // Malay Ulam-Ulaman
As you can see, there are different types of dressings to choose from. 

#3.  Assorted Kerabu and Fried Salted FishThey have Kerabu Ayam, Kerabu Jantung Pisang and Kerabu Pucuk Paku.
#4. Penang Pasembor
Something similar like the rojak that you eat by the road side, with peanut gravy and black rojak paste too.

Hot steaming lemang!
Two choices to choose from: glutinous rice and black glutinous rice.
I always crave for these during Ramadhan, so delighted to see these being served.
Best eaten with peanut gravy or chicken curry gravy YUMS

Somehow I find it a bit weird that they are serving assorted breads and pastries for a Ramadhan buffet.
But they have quite an array of fluffy bread and pastries, didn't get to try any of them. 

- Hot Dishes -
Have you seen such colourful rice? It's called Nasi Hujan Panas.
They tasted like actual rice, just that they are colourful. 

I can't help myself but to have a few servings of these! If you're a fan of seafood, you'll love this. The scallops and prawas are really fresh and juicy too. 

Of course you couldn't miss satay when it comes to local delicacies!
They have chicken, beef and mutton satays. All of them are equally tender and well marinated. 

This, my friend would be the highlight of the entire buffet spread!
The Roast Lamb Shoulder with Arabic Rice.
Each slice of the lamb is nicely roasted and delectable.
The meat was really tender and juicy.
Even Joeann, who is not a fan of lamb loves it. So I bet everyone would love this dish too. 
This delicious baked red snapper is one of the dishes that I enjoyed that night too.
The flesh of the fish is still moist despite being baked and it's not overcooked.
Tantalizing on every bite.  

With all the mains, how can we not have desserts to end the meal right? So for desserts, they serve assorted malay kuihs, Assorted French Pastries, Mixed Fruits Platter, Cendol, Fruits Cocktail, Mango Pudding, Banana & Orange Triffle and Pengat Labu with Sagu as well to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

You can customize your own ais kacang and cendol too :D
I was too full when I remembered that I haven't try out this, so I gave it a pass. 

Bandung Syrup and Sugar Cane drink (:
They also serve hot coffee and tea. 

The super savory sup ekor and I had two bowls of it.
I love the rich taste and aromatic smell of the soup, another plus point is that the beef was tender. 
Bubur Lambuk and a slice of tuna filled bread.
Well, this porridge might not look appealing but I was proved wrong after I had the first spoon of it.
It was fragrant and flavoursome, liked this too! 

My plate of goodness :9

The gravy of the Mee Jawa wasn't thick enough to my liking.
Not the best Mee Jawa I've ever had but it was still acceptable (:
Not a really big fan of the local kuih but I still tried some. 

Of course, I had to taste this macarons! Not disappointing as I have tasted macarons that was far worse than these. They are actually chocolate and strawberry macarons, not too sweet and it's pretty soft.
And no, I did not have all of these to myself :P 

Since this is my first Ramadhan Buffet preview, I would say that it's quite an impressive buka puasa buffet spread with an extensive menu. It's perfect for diners who are looking for a variety of home-cooked comfort food and local delicacies to break fast. Tastewise and food quality wise, I think it's pretty fair and decent. Worth a try! Hope you'll enjoy the buffet and have a great experience dining at the Rajang GTower, at least I did. Besides, GTower itself is pretty convenient to reach by just taking the  LRT, it's located near the Ampang Park LRT Station so you can skip the bad traffic in KL and break fast just in time. Even if you decide to drive, the parking fee is reasonable too. 

Rajang GTower Ramadhan Buffet
Rajang Hall, Mezzanine Floor,
GTower, 199 Jalan Tun Razak.
Tel No: +603-2168 1919 ext 7040

RM 90 ++ per adult
RM 45 ++ per child (ages 7 - 12),
Kids under 6 years old will eat for free.

For more enquiry: email them at

P/S: Ramadhan Menu changes on a daily basis from Monday to Sunday.



Yuh Jiun said...

Lemang!!! Can't wait for those ramadhan bazaar wee :D

HenRy LeE said...

burpppp... selamat berbuka puasa! :P

HerYuan Lau said...

i dont fancy over malay food :X

Henry Tan said...

lemang with rendang!! that's all i look for during buka puasa!! =DDD

Anne Lee said...

argh.. I'm already so hungry and reading this ain't helping. My eyes are hungrier than my tummy.