Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

After bugging my dad for days ever since we reached Kuching, I finally get to have Sunny Hill ice cream today! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ This legendary ice cream parlour, located in front of Sunny Hill Secondary School is truly one that you shouldn’t blink or else you’d miss it. Although small in size and in sweets choices, but what they have is rather large in taste and satisfaction. Sunny Hill ice cream needs no further introduction among the locals cause it's acclaimed for decades since the 60's. Even my dad grew up having Sunny Hill ice cream, it's a part of his teenage years #nostalgic

The sugary treats we ordered! 

Vanilla Ice Cream topped with crushed nuts and caramel syrup (M) - RM2.70
This would be my favourite! The crushed nuts and caramel syrup adds an extra savoury flavour to the  sweet ice cream. 

Mixed flavours (Vanilla + Strawberry) topped with crushed nuts and caramel syrup (M) - RM2.70

Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich - RM2.60
Normally ice cream would be served in buns, this is actually my first time seeing ice cream served on wholemeal bread.

Besides these, you can opt for your ice creams to be served on cones or banana splits. They even have ice cream special, where they served the ice cream with corns and chopped fruits as well as ice cream on pudding. These ice creams are available for take-away too. 

The only downside would probably be the limited flavors to choose from.
In fact, there are only certain flavors of sundae that will be on sale on specific days:
 Monday to Tuesday - Strawberry
 Wednesday to Friday - Pandan or Corn
 Saturday and Sunday - Chocolate
 Everyday - Vanilla

But I wouldn't mind cause when it comes to ice-cream, I'll only go for vanilla :D 
Look at the amount of people queueing! And it's not even on a sunny day. But fret not, their service are pretty fast so they will get to you in just a jiffy. No long hours of waiting required (: 

They are really generous with the portion of their ice cream, I couldn't even finish this sandwich myself.
The ice cream has a really soft texture and it's uber smoooooth. I love the strong fragrance and the rich taste of the milk powder flavour. The ice cream isn't too sweet so the old folks would love this too (*≧▽≦)
Good thing that it doesn't melt quickly! So you can enjoy every taste of it. I have to give three thumbs up for this, if I can have an extra thumb :P 

Salted popcorn to snack on, RM1.50 per packet. 

Operating hours as stated (:
Their profits are used for the public service projects of the Seventh-Day Adventist Mission. 

 I like how it still maintain its vintage vibe and classic interior even after all these years. It's like a school canteen with quite a number of seats for its patrons. It's nothing like any fancy ice cream parlour out there yet it still manage to attract the locals to revisit them again and again. There's not even a slight complaint about deteriorating quality or what not. Like the Chinese phrase this is a truly 老招牌 that lives to its name. I'll definitely come back every time I visit Kuching!

P/S: To find a parking slot can be quite a nuisance though. 

Sunny Hill Ice-Cream Shop
3rd Mile Rock Road,
93250, Kuching,



XCB said...

vanilla ice cream with whole meal bread!! my favourite!! the ice cream does look smooth n creamy!

Qi Wen said...

OMG.. I miss Sunny Hill ice-cream soooo much! :D

shikee soh said...

looks really yummy :9

Diana Diane Teo said...

Even my dad also grew up with this ice-cream. Too bad I missed out this during my trip to Kuching last year. Fret not, I might going again and hopefully this time got the chance to have it again =D

Small Kucing said...

Saturdays and Sundays for me :)

Kelvin 'KtheBlogger' Tan said...

That looks like ice cream overload. LOL

snoopy said...

Fuuyoh! i miss sunny hill ice cream!

M-Knight said...

The place is very nice and always full have to wait super long ques.....

Merryn said...

Ice-cream bread is to die for! I used to have this when I was little and now I guess it's time to pass this pleasure to Ethan :D

Ice Pandora said...

Wahhh I would love to have one
of their ice cream sandwiches!

Smartan Dad said...

Wow this is so nice!


*JacQueliNe* said...

Yummeh the ice cream! Craving for it so much! Wish i can try it out one day :P

domokun said...

omgg the ice cream sandwich looks really tempting!! i loveeee creamy thick ice creammmmmm :D

Choi Yen said...

Very reasonably priced!

Aaron Ng said...

Went there yesterday but was closed during evening!! Hahaha of all the days to only operate at night.

Will go again soon!!