Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fashion Post: Sheer Maxi Skirt with Side Slit

I'm probably a bit too late for this sheer maxi skirt trend, it was emerging last summer but they are back again this summer/spring. The moment I saw it, I told myself I must have this piece in my wardrobe! Sheer maxi skirts, with its long flowing outer layer and an inner solid mini, are the new must-have item. Since it's always summer in Malaysia, I guess I can wear this skirt whole year round. I've yet to see people wearing this sheer maxi skirt around before this until recently. These skirts are the perfect combo of sexy, chic, comfortable and feminine. Of course they come in different versions, patterns and colours, but I choose the basic black sheer maxi skirt with a side slit for my starter piece cause I'm pretty much a safe person when it comes to fashion, so it's easy for me to pair it with any tops. All in all, I prefer minimalism (:

Sheer maxi skirt can be worn in many ways to suit your body type. It's a great piece for me as it helps to hide my large hips and not so skinny thighs. Forget about the rule where only tall girls can wear a maxi dress or skirt cause it’s also a great way to give me a longer figure. Another thing that I like about sheer skirts is that it brings in that sexy but still classy look that every girl should rock, especially those with side splits too. 

Here are some of the outfits combination that features black sheer maxi skirt I found in Google;

All of these looks, my favourite combination would definitely be the one in the middle with the knit top. 
And I love how the first girl is able to rock the leather biker jacket.  I don't think I can pull off that look.
More awesome looks on!

Do you realise most of them actually had an all-black combination outfit? My inital plan was to pair this skirt with a bustier top but I've yet to find a bustier top that I like T__T So I decided to go for a mono combo instead. This is my version; more of a girly rather than an edgy look.
From top to bottom:
White Floral Crown
Kitty Cat Sunnies
American Apparel inspired Polka Dots Cropped Top
Sheer Maxi Skirt With Side Slit
Vintage Satchel Sling Bag
T-strap metallic sandals 

So, how do you like my outfit? ♥  
One thing for sure, the sheer effect wasn't that obvious in photos. 
And if you realise, I'm not much of an accessories person too :P 
All photos are courtesy of Joe Ann

For an easy and casual day look, pair it with a cropped band tee, any jersey top, tie front top or even oversized top. Sheer maxi skirts will look effortlessly chic when matched with a cosy knit top or pullover for chillier weather during spring time. To have an edgier look, needless to say, just add a sleeveless denim vest or leather biker jacket. And as for night, try a neutral, all sheer look, with a black bra/tank underneath and chunky silver accessories. Or you can even wear a strapless bustier top or bralette for a more flirty look (;  Shoes for the day can be as simple as a ballet flat or sandals, but lace-up military boots look great as well as a Chelsea boots. To be honest, I can't see myself wearing boots at all especially in Malaysia's weather. For night, I think it would be perfect to go with a pair of chunky lace-up heels. 

For either day or night, you can always consider the mix of solids/prints/colours & textures but dear, remember to not go overboard on volume and accessories.

So ladies, I would love to hear your thoughts about this maxi sheer skirt :D Is it a yay or a nay? Do share with me in the comment section below.



sally said...

Pretty pretty! Would love to own one black sheer maxi too.

Small Kucing said...

not for me coz need a tall person to carry this well

HenRy LeE said...

fewwiiittt... nice outfit! Boleh la... can become model for shows dy :D

HerYuan Lau said...

nice nice! but i rarely wear skirt eh :X

Nicole Sim said...

I love sheer maxi skirt but too bad that I have a huge butt -.- Anyway, it would be better if you add an edgy belt :D since u nak edgy edgy

snoopy said...

I kept my maxi dress away in the luggage. :X

Leimun said...

U look cute in maxi, love ur version.

Kelvin 'KtheBlogger' Tan said...

Looks a bit....fat on you? LOL. But you're lovely.

Lim Eunice said...

very pretty !! ;DD suits u so much! Love the back alley too ;P hekhek!!

Carolyn Tay said...

Cute :) I love sheer maxi skirts too!

Mr Lonely said...

looks great~ =D

Henry Tan said...

yea lo not so sheer.. perhaps need to be under the sunlight? haha