Friday, October 11, 2013

17th Asia Pacific Hair & Makeup Olympics

I've only heard Olympics Sports but little did I know that there is also Olympics for Hair and Make up! Interesting isn't it? 

The 17th Asia Pacific Hair and Make-Up Olympics Competition was held in Malaysia last Monday with support by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), InterExpo and APHCA in conjuction with the Beauty13 Expo, bringing worldwide talents and professionals together for an exciting competition. It is an event held by APHCA every year in various countries around Asia Pacific region and it was Malaysia's very first time in hosting such an event. This competition aims as a platform for international and local talents to show and share new knowledge, creativity and ideas with each other. Besides that, the competition allows the industry players to update themselves about the latest trends and styles, be exposed to huge opportunities and advancing their careers as well. 

They are a total of 300 category contestants coming from 13 different APCHA-member countries namely Australia, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Philiphines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan that participated in the competition this year. There are altogether 8 categories of competitions that was held on the same day, 7th October from 10am to 6pm. The 8 categories are of the the following:
  • Ladies Designer Hair Cut 
  • Men’s Avant-Garde Hair Cut 
  • Evening Elegant Hair Cut 
  • Bridal Hair 
  • Ladies Designer Make-Up
  • Evening Elegant Make-Up 
  • Bridal Make-Up 
  •  Fantasy Make-Up
When I reached KLCC in the evening, I only managed to catch the last twenty minutes of the Bridal Make Up category which is also the last round of competition. 
The hall was filled with models, make up artists, big name hairdressing and cosmetology industry players and media.

She definitely caught my attention! 
After an hour of anticipation, the prize giving ceremony finally started around 7.45PM. 

Awards to be given away that night. 

This was personally my favourite for this category. The winner was from Korea. 

Winners of The Ladies Designer Hair Cut category. 

First and second place goes to contestants from Malaysia (feel so proud for a second OMG) in the Ladies Designer Make Up.

Winners for the  Ladies Designer Make Up category. 

Winners for the  Evening Elegant Hair Cut category. 

Another winner from Malaysia for the Evening Elegant Make-up Category. 
3rd place winner for Men's Avant-Garde Hair Cut who is representing Malaysia! 

2nd place winner from Mongolia. The make up is just whoaaaa. 

The champion goes to Malaysia's representative too! :DDD

Winners for the Men's Avant-Garde Hair Cut category. 

1st runner up for Fantasy Make-up from Mongolia. Pretty impressive, huh? 

The costume I believe made from recyclable stuff is just ah-mazing, it comes with a tail too. 
The champion for Fantasy Make Up, from China. 

Winners for Fantasy Make Up category. 

Winner from Bridal Hair category. 

1st place winner for Bridal Make-Up category from Indonesia. 
There is also an award to Malaysian Best Hair Award, Malaysian Best Make Up Award and an Overall Champion Award that goes to a representative from Taiwan. She has won quite a number of trophies from various categories. 

That pretty much concludes the prize giving ceremony for the 17th Asia Pacific Hair & Makeup Olympics.

Closing speech by Mdm Theresa Tam, country manager of Thailand. 

Before the night ends, Mdm Airene Wong, country manager of Malaysia passes over the flag to Mdm Theresa Tam as Thailand will be the next country to host the 18th Asia Pacific Hair & Makeup Olympics. 

See you next year in Bangkok, Thailand! 



Kharn Yee said...

The dress that used recycling items to make is kind of creepy. But all the bridal dresses are so nice!

Shruti Hassan said...

Fantastic blog!! White Dress is awesome!!!I really love it!!