Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Manmaru Homemade Udon @ Midvalley

For the past one month, I've noticed people posting about this new eatery in Midvalley over Instagram and what attracts me the most is that it serves udon, and mainly just udon. I'm a big fan of udon cause that is what I normally order when I go for Japanese food. The fact that it's in Midvalley is definitely a plus point, at least I have new place to eat besides Sushi Zanmai now HAHA So back to Manmaru! It's a first Japanese self-service concept Udon Restaurant in Malaysia. Their udon are freshly made daily using the finest ingredients that are flown in from Japan. 

The open kitchen where you can see the cooks preparing udon.

Since it's a self service restaurant, you'll have to do the ordering on your own at the counter. 
A variety of udon illustrated with simple description on the menu, available in small and large. 

After ordering the udon, you can DIY your own meal by adding any tempura ranging from RM1.50 to RM3.80 or side dishes of your choice and drinks before making the payment. 

You will then have to help yourself with the cutlery, condiments and the green tea at the respective labelled counter bars. 

Basically, I love the simple interior design and good thing that there is ample seats as you can see.

Can't wait to dig in their udon already, itadakimasu!

キムチうどん Kimchi Udon | RM13.90 (L) RM11.90 (S)
If you are craving for kimchi and udon at the same time, you could probably give this one a try. I personally like it very much probably cause I love kimchi jiggae. Not too spicy either, YUMS! 

ニクうどん Niku Udon |  RM14.90 (L) RM12.90 (S)
If you're big fan of beef, then this is definitely your bowl of udon. It's one of my favourite too, pretty similar with the classic udon with soy broth, just that it has beef slices in it. Every slice of the beef are equally juicy and tender! 

カレーうどん Curry Udon | RM12.90 (L) RM10.90 (S)
The perfect udon for you if you love Japanese curry. I find it a tad salty, the thick gravy and rich curry taste might make you feel satiated after a few mouth. 

ざるうどん Zaru Udon | RM10.90 (L) RM8.90 (S)
I don't really fancy when my food is served cold so cold udon is never in my order list. I still give this a try and surprisingly the texture of the udon is even more chewy when it's cold.

梅うどん Ume Udon | RM12.90 (L) RM10.90 (S)
If you want something different and refreshing, try this! Pair the udon with the pickled plum (that brown paste on top of the udon) for a hint of sourness.  
カケうどん Kake Udon | RM10.90 (L) RM8.90 (S)
When you're indecisive, it's always safe to go for the classic udon served in its simplest form. Simply loving it! Definitely one of my favourite too, just add in a few tempura and you're good to go. 

ぶっかけうどん Bukake Udon | RM11.90 (L)  RM9.90 (S)
One would either love this or hate this. Served with radish and ginger on top, I couldn't really take the fish broth taste. Plus, it's cold too. This is my least favourite udon among all.

鴨せいろうどん Kamo Seiro Udon | RM15.90 (L) RM13.90 (S)
Plain udon served with duck meat and gravy.

釜揚げうどん Kamaage Udon RM12.90
Another classic udon served with warm sesame sauce. You'll need to dip the udon into the sesame sauce before eating it. Some customers tend to pour the whole sesame sauce into the udon which is a big no no. Since I don't eat sesame, I just dip my chopstick into the sauce and tried it. The sesame taste isn't that strong but it's really fragrant. 

クリームコーンうどん Cream Corn Udon | RM 14.90 (L) RM12.90 (S)
I was a bit skeptical when I saw this bowl of udon, what an unusual combination. It turns out acceptable to me cause the gravy tasted like carbonara. So it's like something like carbonara udon. Pretty unique!

I guess what makes Manmaru really stands out is indeed the texture of the udon, totally different from the others udon I've tasted before. Chewy on every bite and note that their udon are extra long too.

| Tempura Items |
Lotus Root Tempura | RM1.50/pcs

Tori Karaage (Fried Chicken) | RM2.00/pcs

White Fish Tempura | RM3.00/pcs

Brinjal Tempura | RM1.50/pcs

Ika Karaage (Fried Squid) | RM3.30/pcs

Mixed Vegetables Tempura | RM1.80/pcs

Green Pepper Tempura | RM1.80/pcs

Ebi Tempura (Fried Prawn) / RM3.80/pcs

Since I love fried stuff, their assorted tempura are delectable to me, especially the squid and prawn tempura. Even better to eat them when it's piping hot, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. And another dish that shall not be missed would be their perfectly cooked Hanjuku Tamago! 
Hanjuku Tamago | RM2.00/pcs
I can't resist eggs like this, cooked white with runny yolk YUMMMEH
So if you're looking for a decent meal with reasonable price in Midvalley, I'll recommend you to drop by Manmaru Homemade Udon which is located just beside Machines. Also suitable for those who wanted something light for dinner or lunch. I've been there three times already within a month cause I keep craving for their udon, will definitely see myself coming back more often (:

Manmaru Homemade Udon
S-045A, Center Court, Second Floor,
 Midvalley City Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Operation hours : 10am-10pm



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