Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Chance to Win Mentos Cintai Malaysia Contest!

I guess you still remember the Mentos Cintai Malaysia that I've blogged about back in October. Yeap, the contest is still on the running and will be ending on the 15th of January, which means you have another month to try your luck! Do I need to remind you what are the prizes that you will be winning?
The grand prizes are holiday trips to the beautiful islands in Malaysia worth RM10, 000 and not to forget, you can also stand a chance to win their daily prizes of smart phone and RM10 KFC vouchers!
These are the wrappers that I've collected so far and I actually have more than what you see here :P 
So there are two ways to participate in this contest which is either through SMS or Facebook.

#1 SMS
Type MENTOS, your wrapper code and answer to the question stated in the wrapper, your IC number as well as full name. EG: MENTOS PF
6MG8HL B 910925-13-**** Hilda Teo Suk Ting

Each SMS will be charged RM0.30.


Visit and remember to like their page. Click on the tab "Peraduan Cintai Malaysia Mentos 2013". Enter the wrapper code and answer the question correctly. 
For more detailed steps, you can always refer to my previous post HERE. Note: Remember to retain your mentos wrapper as proof of purchase and if you're one of the lucky winner, you will be requested to send in your wrappers.

Be sure to check out their FB from time to time as the winners will be announced there and at the same time, they will be sending you SMS to inform you too.
It's really that easy to win :D or should I say I'm pretty lucky myself HEH

Last reminder that the contest will end on 15 January 2014. Wait no more! Head to the nearest convenience store or supermarket to get the mentos rolls! Good luck peeps :D


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