Friday, January 10, 2014

Vishalatchi Food Catering | Authentic Chettinad Cuisine

Hey guys! It's been more than a week since I last blogged, been caught up with my final year proposal and getting distracted in between. New Year has been pretty good so far, looking forward to the WowFestival concert tomorrow! 

Back to one of the random food hunting adventures I had with the bunch last month, we went to Brickfields this time round for some Banana Leaf Rice. We actually saw a friend of us posted it on Facebook and we were like yeah, we should totally try this place out. I checked the place on Google Map earlier before we left and got a rough area of where it is and we tried walking from KL Sentral. Thanks to some DBKL fella, we managed to find the place in just a jiffy. Things we do for food; walking for that extra few miles is definitely worth it. Not to mention that my new shoes got me 3 blisters before I even reach the place HAHA still worth it though. 

Well, the reason why we were at this restaurant is another story. We were actually supposed to try out another restaurant called Vishal Cathering which is just a stone's throw away, I believe. But I guess we didn't really look close enough that day and we thought this was it cause it spelled something similar, almost similar. Most probably cause we were too hungry that time and by the time I knew that we went to the wrong place was like few days later, yeah. I call this a beautiful mistake HEH 

They serve an array of curry and fried stuff.

Assorted vegetables and pickles; refillable with no extra charge. 

To start off, there are three types of rice to choose from. Briyani, normal white rice or Indian rice. Being curious, I actually asked the lady boss what exactly is Indian rice. She explained to me that Indian rice has less starch. So the three of us took three different ones respectively so we get to try all three.
Chicken Briyani Rice - RM12.00 that comes with chicken and a hard-boiled egg. 
If you love spices, you'll love this. I find the taste of the spices that comes along with the rice a tad too strong to my liking.

Banana Leaf Meal each costs RM5.50 either with normal or Indian rice topped with curry of your choice  and 4 different vegetables. Indian rice tasted just like the normal rice we usually have but it's nicer in texture, like in perfect individual grains. As usual, rice is refillable but little did I know that you can ask for unlimited papadum top ups here too. 

Chicken Peratta - RM6.00 | Cuttlefish Sambal - RM5.00 
Their chicken are tender and the gravy is tasty, good that it's not too spicy. However, their cuttlefish sambal was a bit of a let down.

But their fried Tenggiri Fish (RM6.00) is definitely a must-order. Marinated and fried to perfection, love it! It was still piping hot when we had it. I obviously forgot to take a photo of it until I was halfway eating it. 

Eating banana leaf rice with hands cause that's how you eat it. Savouring every mouth of my tasty banana leaf rice YUMS

They usually bring the dishes for you to choose during peak hours; as you can see macam macam ada. 

Pretty packed during lunch hours so it's best to either come early or later to avoid the crowd. 

Folding the banana leaf inwards after the meal as a sign that we are satisfied with the meal. It was pretty scrumptious indeed *rubs tummy 

Group selfie with the makan kaki-s. 

Total bill came up to RM47.00 inclusive of drinks which we felt was reasonable. Their service was decent, probably cause I was there before peak hours. We will totally come back for more banana leaf rice, gotta try out their mutton curry and other fried stuff. If you're a banana leaf rice enthusiats, you could give Vishalatchi a try!

Visalatchi Food Cathering
18, Jalan Scott, Brickfields,
50470, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: 03-22740502
Opening Hours: 7.30am - 10.45pm daily
Something totally unrelated but I just couldn't resist to not take a photo of this super cool looking background so yeah an excuse to take a shot of my dull-looking OOTD.
Till then, have a awesome weekend guys!


AnnTan said...

this place seem great! especially when you have those food craving about other ethnicity food ( :

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I haven't had banana leaf rice in awhile.

Have fun at the Wow Music festival. :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

Banana leaf! My fav ;D yummy *drooling*

Chuen said...

Yummy! Haven't had it for a long time d

Small Kucing said...

I have pass this shop befor but never gone in. Thanks for the highlight. will try next time. Only thing is parking hard to find

nicccchang said...

Wowww. I love banana leaf rice too! :)