Sunday, March 16, 2014

Homebound another 3 hours time. It was sort of an impromptu decision to fly back home for my one week break, a well-deserved break I would say after the crazy hectic schedule since December. Plus, it would be a good excuse to escape from the terrible haze and water shortage issue in KL. So, here I am updating my abandoned blog at such odd hour just cause I have to stay awake at the airport.
Now that I'm done with my final clinical placement, all I really need is to sleep all I can, eat all I want or just do nothing before preparing myself for my upcoming battle (read: FINALS) which is in another two months time. Yet at the same time, I keep telling myself that I should at least spare some time everyday to update my blog. It feels weird to be writing again after such a long break (like what, a month?) and I can't seem to put the words together anymore. I guess my list of pending blogposts will never ever end. Blogging mojo, where art thou?

Till then, peace out and keep march-ing on.
Update soon, I promise!

Edit: I'm home! Gotta first catch up with some sleep that I missed last night.


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