Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brown Pocket @ Gurney Paragon

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been blogging about food in a while so I'm back with a food post this time! Before the trip to Penang, I've made a mental note to visit few of the new cafes and Brown Pocket was one of them. The amount of people posting up their irresistible waffles on Instagram makes it so hard to not try them out HEH Brown Pocket, a newly opened cafe in Gurney Paragon is famous for their liege waffles and pancakes. Since we arrived in Penang slightly later in the afternoon, we were just in time for some coffee and light dessert for tea break.  

Eating utensils in mason jar. 

Affogato -- RM8.90
This was Sie Yii's order and the only comment she had was the espresso was a tad too bitter for her. 

The Light Body -- RM14.90
Pocket's signature waffle served with ice-cream and homemade tiramisu.

We expected to have at least a small piece of tiramisu cake served with this waffle based on the description but it turns out to be the tiramisu-flavoured cream (which doesn't really have a strong tiramisu taste) at the side of the waffle. The waffle was topped with a vanilla ice cream and it was delish even without the tiramisu cream. 

Beanie Matcha -- RM12.90
Served with azuki beans, fresh strawberries, ice-cream and matcha.
This one the other hand was great if you're a  big fan green tea. I'm quite particular with green tea icec-ream and this one did not disappoint at all. It has a strong and distinct green tea flavour (like mmm yes) and it goes well with the waffles and strawberries! Major love :D  

If you're a chocolate lover, just go for the Triple Chocolate Waffles, heard it's pretty good and it's one of their bestsellers too!

Iced Cappucino @ RM10.90
Iced Salted Caramel Latte @ RM12.90
To be honest, it tasted more like a Caramel Macchiato rather than a Salted Caramel Latte. I should have ordered the high raved Matcha Latte instead T__T

Extra plus point for having wooden tables around cause it makes food photography way nicer! Don't you think? And of course sitting beside the huge window gives natural sunlight to enhance your photo as well.

The waffles were really good, no kidding. I've tasted worse waffles. I love the soft inside-texture yet it's crunchy on the outside. Looking back at this photo makes me salivates! You can taste its freshness and most importantly it was still warm when served. If only the portion is bigger, I can't have enough of them T__T

Since we were not really into pancakes, we give their pancakes a miss this time. And besides, they have a range of healthy dessert and beverages for the health-enthusiasts as well, how thoughtful. Now everyone can enjoy dessert! 

A group selfie with the waffles before we dig in! 

Teeehee the lightning is too nice to not take a selfie :P #excuses

Tree with light bulbs! So pretty  

The counter. 

It was overall a delightful tea session at Brown Pocket, loving the spacious and cosy ambience. They even have outdoor seating with a beautiful view overlooking the beach along Gurney Drive from the 6th floor of Gurney Paragon. The place was filled with patrons of all ages even on a weekday afternoon, probably cause it was on school holiday. Definitely a good place to chill and chit-chat with friends or family over dessert and coffee. Service-wise is satisfactory and I would totally come back again for their waffles.

Brown Pocket
Level 6, Lot 11,
Gurney Paragon Mall, Jalan Kelawei,
10250, George Town, Penang.
Tel No: 04-218 9668
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 11.30pm daily
Official FB page:

P/S: All photos are taken by Samsung Nx Mini.



~Joeanney~ said...

Just realized I have a matching top with the chair I'm sitting, haha!

HerYuan Lau said...

waaa. as a penangite, i still never try before :/

Mandy Ooi said...

woah this looks like a very nice place! AND YES I AGREE. WOODEN TABLES ARE AWESOME FOR PHOTOGRAPHY. haha. and gahh that green tea ice cream. Craving some green tea noww.