Saturday, May 16, 2015

Alchemist Dessert Cafe

I'm not sure if there is still anyone out there who would drop by to read my blog these days but heyyy peopleeeee if you are reading this! I know it's been ages since I've written a proper blogpost (I know I say this a million times) cause y'know I'm the number one certified lazybum. Well, I guess tonight is just one of those nights where I actually feel like blogging (how rare, lucky you HEH) so I decided to update one of the latest posts I have in my draft. 

Just a month ago, I was searching for new cafes to try out in Subang area with my sister and I found  this cafe quietly tucked in a corner of SS15; what attracts me the most is that they serve Belgian waffles and Shibuya toast. How can I say no to Belgian waffles, right?!

I love love love their vibrant exterior which makes it pretty easy to locate, just opposite Tryst Cafe.

The type of food they served on their menu may look limited but I like the extensive variations they come out with.

Ice Peach Tea (RM3.90) and Mango Tango Mojito (RM4.90 and it's non-aloholic just so you know) served in cool DIY glass.

Carbonara Pasta (RM11.90) Decent portion and taste.

Unlike the typical cafes out there, they do not serve any milk-based coffees but they do have this special blend pour over coffee (RM11.90).
Simple and hearty Alchemist Big Breakfast (RM15.90) that tastes as good as it looks. 

I ordered this waffle with scrambled eggs and sausage (RM10.90).
I must say their waffles are pretty good, fragrant and fluffy. I guess it would be better if they served it with a special gravy to make it even more savoury.

Honey and Ice Cream Shibuya toast (RM13.90)
Love this! Crispy outer layer but fluffy in the inside and it wasn't too sweet. 

Look at the melting whip creammmmm :9

Overall, I think their food and drinks are quite decent and reasonably priced. Definitely a good place to chill with your friends and family for brunch and tea break. Students can study or have their work done here too though the lighting is quite dim inside. I wouldn't mind going back anytime anyday for a quick fix of waffles if I happen to be in the neighbourhood. And oh, they have shisha daily as well, starting from 7pm. 

Alchemist Dessert Café
97 Jalan SS15/4C,
47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel No: 011-2851 0911
Operating Hours: Tue - Fri: 1:00 pm - 1:00 am
                             Sat - Sun: 1:00 pm - 2:00 am
Facebook Page:



wanyyg said...

sooooo love the environment! the foods and drinks seems affordable too! >:)

and don't worry, i stalk occasionally. hahahaa

henry tan said...

hahahha i also lama didnt visit your blog ad! =p
your photos are still so nice and the way you write is still so funny! haha

Your Finance Doctor

nicccchang said...

seems affordable. but the ambience is definitely killing!!

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