Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Merchant's Lane 美真林 @ Petaling Street

Pssst. Guess who? :P Not Hilda, that's who! I am now announcing that I have hijacked my girlfriend's blog! *evil laughter in background* Nah, I'm kidding. Just gonna mooch off her fame and occasionally help her write some entries. :D

Those who know us well enough will know our love for food. That's why we're the fittest fattest couple around. Despite our never ending attempt to stay on track with our diet and workout regime, we somehow ended up making a trip into downtown KL today to visit one of the most talked about brunch places lately - Merchant's Lane. I must say, it was very well worth the trip!

Their very concise menu, all fitted into one frame :) 

You'll realize that the place has that truly vintage feel to it, like a place out of time.
We've also heard stories about how the place was a former brothel once upon a time, which is interesting to say the least.

Very comfortable rattan chairs and beautiful vibrant paintings for sale by some local artists.

Le girlfriend opted for the signature Rose Honey Milk (RM12). The rose contributed to the fragrant light floral scent and the milk itself was smooth and creamy. She loves it! 

Couldn't decide on a drink, so I went ahead with a regular Caramel Latte (RM12), which was also surprisingly good. The barista did recommend their Organic Matcha Latte, but I was a little reluctant to try. (he described it as having a grainy texture..quite off-putting really)

Service was rather on the spot, as my dish arrived just a few moments after placing my order. Oh and I ordered the Hongkie Beef Stew (RM19), which can only be described as an explosion of flavors in my mouth.

Look at those juicy and tantalizing beef chunks, sitting on hot homemade mash!

She ordered the highly recommended South China Sea (RM24) - grilled salmon topped with a tantalizing special salsa, sitting on some crunchy homemade hash, and coupled with a pair of poached eggs. Look at those colors! 

The dish itself had varying textures and was interesting, but unfortunately she remarked that the salmon was a tad dry, perhaps not the best batch they've served out yet. Fret not, we shall return to try their other dishes and this one again...just to be sure :P

A glorious and scrumptious meal indeed!

Seeing things like this makes me appreciate the building. Like we were trapped in some sort of time bubble that had remained in the far past. 

The rumours were true indeed! Every single corner in this place is very instagram worthy. In fact, you don't even need to do much. We've used a basic DSLR on manual settings at 100/200 ISO. The place is very well lit due to the skylight coming in from the top, so your food (and faces) will look naturally nice for the photos. :) Pretty girl sighted! 

Merchant's Lane can get very busy, so it's advised you make an early trip if you want to have a seat at the good spots, otherwise you're left with the long table to share with strangers inside. Which isn't too bad at all if you're comfortable with the idea. 

Don't you just love these classic olden days deco?

Spot their tagline? Mmmhmm...this is definitely the place to be!

Overall, we truly enjoyed our dining experience, save for the fact that we were kinda plagued by mosquitos, probably due to our choice of dining on the outer section where all the plants are.

Love that fact that it is only 5-10 mins of walking distance from Pasar Seni LRT, makes it super convenient to travel downtown without worrying about parking or traffic. You can even take your time strolling around the street (to burn some fats haha) after a hearty brunch. Searching for the cafe can be a little tricky; so just look out for this green door at the corner of a white building beside Advanced Tertiary College (ATC). The cafe is located on the first floor of the shoplot.

Merchant's Lane KL 美真林
No. 150, Jalan Petaling, Off Chinatown,
59000, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number: +60 3 2022 1736
Facebook Page: Click HERE  #merchantlane #美真林
Operating Hours: Sun - Thurs 10.30am - 6pm
                             Fri - Sat 10.30am - 10pm
                             Closed on Wednesdays.

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