Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2❤16!

Happy New Year, guys! Can't believe another year just flew by like that, way too soon. 2015 has been nothing but great despite a few series of unfortunate events. Officially stepping into adulthood, more commitments, more debts to pay, losing my grandfather, best friend getting married, some bridges were burnt while new ones were built. In a nutshell, I guess I couldn't ask for a better year and I'm thankful for each and everyone who was a part of it.

Things 2015 has taught me:

#1. Life is unfair, period.

#2. You might not have everything figured out right now but it's alright.

 #3. People grow and change their mind.

#4. Become your own best friend and have your own back.

#5. I'm addicted to coffee -__-

Truth is, a year can make quite a difference. Next year we’ll come back to this point again with new things we’ve learned. Can't wait to fill my yearly planner with new memories, be it good or bad (: And yes, I'll be turning a quarter of a century old too.

The only regret I have this year is probably that I don't read blog enough. I doubt people even read my blog these days T___T sad but true. Just so you know, my half-written summary blogpost of 2014 is still somewhere in my draft, shame on me. Honestly, I do miss blogging but I just couldn't find the time to do after a long week of work. Plus, ever since the sudden death of my Canon G12, I don't have a proper gadget to take photos eventually losing my mojo to blog. I know all these are just merely excuse (yes, I'm guilty for not putting extra effort) but hopefully in 2016, I will blog more than I did in 2015. This post is definitely a good start, no?

What's my New Year's resolutions, you ask? None! Cause that's so cliche :P  I'm really looking forward to see what 2016 has in store for me. Definitely the year to make bigger plans and to fulfill them. Until then, leave behind what holds you down and let’s embrace 2016 with open arms! It will be better, trust me (;



Henry Lee said...

I do agree that life is not fair. No matter how hard i work, or how ignorance i become, the result will still be the same =.=

Anyway, happy new year 2016! Drink less coffee eh! haha

BPphilip said...

Happy holidays!