Saturday, May 21, 2016

Zen Korean BBQ Buffet

Korean BBQ? YESS! Nothing beats grilling different cuts of rosy-red slabs of meat over a tabletop grill, to be enjoyed with complimentary sides; and not to forget soju and beer, ay? With the Korean revolution still going strong in Malaysia, the numbers of korean bbq joints have  increase over the years as well. No doubt, it has become an integral part of our lifestyle.

If you're a big fan of korean bbq, you shall not miss this place. Free flow of Samgyeopsal and Mok-sal for only RM25 per pax! Yeap, you heard me right. Zen Korean BBQ is tucked away in a corner of Ampang (slightly further from the famous Korean Village) and may look somewhat ordinary from the outside, but you know how the saying goes, NEVER judge a book by its cover.

Hidden in one of the corners of Ampang, Zen Korean BBQ is the place where you can eat your heart out  for only RM25? Yeap, I repeat. For ONLY RM25 per pax! But of course for the price you're paying, do not expect a full buffet spread. You'll basically get a set of refillable banchan and lettuce, free flow of samgyeopsal and mok-sal according to the number of pax and a bowl of doenjang jiggae. I was abit bummed that my favourite steamed egg wasn't included in the variety of side dish but it's available in their ala-carte menu for RM10 T__T 

Don't hestitate to ask for refills! 

The meats here are pretty decent quality and huge cuts,  I must say. 

And of course, there will be no server grilling the meat for you so you'll have to do it on your own. But the owner was nice enough to occasionally check on you, just in case you're not grilling it right. TIPS: Cook as a whole slab then snipped it into smaller pieces later on. And oh, keep your eye on the meat! Flip from time to time for even cooking. If a piece looks done, place it to the side so it doesn’t overcook. Or better yet, eat it! 

Mmmmm look at those heap of mouth watering and juicy pork belly! :P 

This is how you should eat your meat; wrapped with lettuce along with some chopped chilies, garlic, kimchi and gochu jang!

Super comforting doenjang soup! 

These are some charred goodness; slightly crispy on the edges. They were really generous with their meat servings that me and Kev both surrendered after the second round. It felt like eating a whole week worth of meat! *slipping into food coma immediately*

Zen Korean BBQ Restaurant offers quite an extensive Ala Carte menu as well, so you can try their kimchi pajeon or bimbimbap if you feel like having some carbs to complete your meal.

The restaurant itself is pretty spacious and they even have a private room with karaoke. Definitely the place to catch up with a bunch of friends over some grilled meat or to have a hearty family dinner! 

The downside would be their limited parking space (the road itself is always congested) and the poor ventilation. Be prepared to leave with a smoky after stench. Overall, I still personally think that their Korean bbq buffet is value for money (if you're not expecting much and just literally wanna have a satisfying meat feast) and the staff there are extremely helpful and attentive. I've visited them thrice and it never disappoints me so far.

Zen Korean BBQ Restaurant (Non-halal)
14-L2, Ampang Putra Residency,
Jalan Ampang Putra,
68000 Ampang.
Tel No:+60 3-4256 2007
Operating Hours: 11.30am to 11pm (Daily except Tuesday Lunch)


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Henry Lee said...

That's so affordable! With that price I don't think they can provide the steam eggs. I may try them out one day! :D Thanks for the review