Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009.

I guess this will be my last post for year 2008 since I'm leaving to a three months perfecting training in the Church of God in Sibu. I'll be back on the 8th of March. It's been a rough year for me, too many ups and downs that I ever expected. Yet, there are still many happy memories for year 2008. I gained a lot of experinces throughout the competitions I joined and won much victory that make me proud of myself. I hated that I faced some friendship crisis. Sucks. But, it's finally over and I'm going to have a brand new start for 2009. A good one. I will try to forget and learn from the past and try to make year 2009 a better year than 2008. :)

Sadly there's only three resolution for year 2009 that I can think of now; First, I wanna do good in my study and get a scholarship. Second, I wanna keep my hair long and have a hairdo. Last but not least, spend more times with mybeloved family. I have wishlist for year 2009 too and I reallyyyyyyyyyyy hope I can get some of them and that will make me the happiest girl. Haha.
List of my wishlist? Mmm, let me think. I wish I can get good result for my SPM and further my study in MASHA college. I want a new phone. More clothes and shoes. New contact lens. A pair of couple tshirt and definitely a DSLR cam! I want that so badly. :/

That's all for now. So I'm here to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D God bless you guys and have a great holidays. Till then, I am up up and away. Tootles.

hilda milda

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