Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cheese and whiskers.

Currently, my biggest enemy is boredom. I have nothing to do and I can't sleep. It's been raining quite often lately and I'm so not in the mood. I wonder why because I'm sure I'm not having pms. Hahaha. Help me please, anyone? 3 days left people. I'm not ready yet to adapt to a new life over there and my heart still refuses to open up and accepts the fact that no matter what I'm still leaving. Sheesh. Moi oh moi. *French accent*

There are so many reason why I didn't want to go. Okay okay, let me list them. :)
  1. I'll be away from my family.
  2. I have no cellphone and lappy over there.
  3. No more 90210 and desperate housewives to watch!
  4. No more heart to heart talk with Cathy. * I wish you could join, bitch :p *
  5. I'll be missing my girlfriends; especially Oish and Nadd.
  6. I can't see some of my close classmates after this. They are leaving for study soon.
  7. I can't celebrate New Year. It's 2009 dude!
  8. I won't be shopping for CNY. damn.
See, people may think that I am ridiculous for nagging over and over again about these small matters. But hey they are important to me and I can't live without them. :/ && I do wanna have lots of new clothes and shoes for CNY because I love the smell of new clothes! Haha. It`s ok. Just pray that I'll be back safely. That's all I guess. Had enough of a shitty and crappy day. Gracias.

hilda milda

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