Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holy sh*t.

I can't sign in my blog an hour ago. I start to curse and my mouth can't stop talking craps. Then, I started to scream and growl on my own and on the same time blaming the stupid gmail. My sis was mad because she thinks I'm over reacted. Sorry ah. I'm nervous. Then I start to think what if I can't sign in anymore, plus my gmail acc also can't log in. Grrr, both of you are driving me crazy. && I almost cry. Lol. Stupid ba. I get panic so easily. Even my friends who were texting me at that time kenak marah. Double sorry eh. Hahaha. After a few attempt by trying different email and password, I finally get to sign in. Bodoh menar eh. :x Thank God btw.

hilda milda

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