Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sweet in a mess.

I've been clearing the mess in my head and trying hard to be optimistic.

I'm going to be away soon for 3 months to somewhere without my cellphone and lappy. Crap, I hope I can survive. Pfft. I have a week left and I have not even start packing yet. OMG. I'm still blur on what to bring. That place I'm off to has tons of rules and regulations. Cannot wear this or that, cannot use this and that. Arghhh, I'M SICK OF IT. Now, I don't feel like going but I can't. For my beloved mummy, I'll go if that is what she wants. I don't like to upset her so I cannot regret the choice I made. I think it would not be that bad, at least I still have three of my bestest chums there with me. I can tie myself to their ass so that I won't feel alone. Teehee. For sure I'm going to miss my family especially Megan. *sobs - crying out loud under my blankie* Help me!

hilda milda

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