Friday, December 12, 2008

The world is turning upside down!

Watch out. The nerds are going to rule the world with their new taste of style and fashion. The nerds will soon have beauty with brain. WTFH is going on? Some nerds in my class is going through make over. Can you believe it? I thought they only love books and grades. I thought they only dress up like a girl next door with their thick glasses? Okay, maybe they are girls too who wanna look pretty and go man-stalking in colleges. Btw, who says nerds can't be pretty and stylish oh? It's not a sin nor illegal anyway so who cares. Haha.

Note; I may look like a nerd but I'm absolutely NOT one of those nerds. No offense oh. I'm not jealous or even envy. It's just seem cali to me. That does not make any sense at all. I've been with them in the same class for five years. They look dorky in school and don't even care about their style of dressing. Out of a sudden, poof! Maklumlah, dunia sudah berubah. Lol.

hilda milda

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