Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lesung oi.

Earlier this afternoon, Oish and I decided to hang out at Lesung, Yazid's Dad cafe. It was new and we have never been there before. Yazid was joining us as well. The three of us was just talking about our plans for studies and joking around. We went to an ice cream shop just across the street and went back to this shop again and try out his shop's FRENCH TOAST CHEESE. *Mesti cuba eh, cuba jangan tak cuba. I'm promoting oiiii*

These are some of the pics we've taken. :)

Oish :)


Doing some promoting for Lesung. Lol.

Ngee, I love her ;)

Oish's Ice Lemon Tea. She even finished the ice. Ahaa.

Today's speical; Close up of the French Toast Cheese

Yazid, the Anak Bos :P

Oish's fav pic of us :)

My fav pic because I look so GAY. Ahaa.

I really enjoy my day with them. I'll be missing Oish a lot and I don't know when can I see her again. Miss you babe. Anyway, thanks to Yazid too. Before I forget, datanglah beramai-ramai ke Lesung! :)

hilda milda


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Nadhirah rah rah said...

love the pics. :D sa mk gi cya alu. lesung lesung~