Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moshi moshi. Sushi please?

Oh dang. I've been craving for sushi! Somehow feeling japanese? See, I'm trying to imagine myself listening opera in a kimono with a geisha style makeup and rolling sushi on a bamboo mat. roflmao. That will be pretty hideous and hillarious.

I've been thinking of making my very own homemade sushi since last week. Tadaaaa! Here it is. Hilda's very own homemade sushi. Dad bought the ingredients and I'm making it with my sis. Megan insisted to help and just can't stop nagging because I wouldn't let her to. We made 5 rolls altogether and seriously, the sushi does not looks good or even taste good. Gotta recheck the recipe and give a try again. Maybe I added too much vinegar. Sheeshhhh.

hilda milda

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