Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy busy little bumble bee.

Guess what? I received a letter from NS days ago. There was this very friendly postman who sent it to my house one afternoon. While I was signing some stuffs before getting my letter, he was telling me something like this; " Amoi, tak payah takut pergi ini NS, sangat bagus punya. " I smiled back at him and tried to be polite. Minutes later, *POOF*! Off me go and opened this letter and take a look what's inside.

Going through the forms were driving me nuts. There were so many lampiran here and there and boy, it was really troublesome. Luckily, I still managed to have everything done by yesterday. However, I haven't started packing anything yet. Oh crapp.

I missed school a lot. I missed scribbling and doodling on textbooks. :p I really wanted to continue my studies as soon as possible so I applied everything that was available from scholarships to local U and private colleges. Might as well try my luck, who knows I'm just that lucky? Ahaa. Hope to receive any offer letter, the earlier the better so that I can kiss NS goodbye. So long, sucka! :D

"£$%%^&!@ It was raining again. I can't watch Man. U vs Liverpool match tonight! I ended up checking the live score online after the match and WTF! 4-1 (T_______T)

Lights off. I've been busting my ass lately and I'm really tired. Beauty sleep time!

Picture of the day; Stop bugging me, will ya?

hilda milda

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